Tales From the Inverted World #7: The Beautiful Ones in Universe 25

Is the world ending? Is civilization collapsing? How have some scientists studied the nature of hope, despair, and doom? One scientist builds a utopia for mice …

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10 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #7: The Beautiful Ones in Universe 25”

  1. ChandlerT says:

    You know, if you seed people with ideas around you. Even ones you dont know, counter the fear and pity with joy, compromise, assertion and hope and most of the time people will turn from their mind control and wake up to the expirament that theyre in. It sounds hopeful but if you’re charismatic you can leave an impression that they wont forget and change their aspect on everything around them.

  2. patriot007 says:

    Some people are definitely going to get a little extra claustrophobic in the coming months and years… as if (short-sighted) dense urban development wasn’t enough, now we have the ruling class omnidirectionally clamping down tighter and tighter from every possible angle while continuously consolidating wealth and power and leaching evermore of the fruits of the working classes labor while appealing to the demands of those who will not work or have no marketable talent. We’re definitely going to find out just how rat-like we are.

  3. ventornado says:

    There is such a huge divide in society today. Would you describe one side of the divide as these “beautiful ones” while the other side is fighting back against that mentality?

    I feel like there are some reasons to categorize it that way. On one side, they are scared to death of COVID, spread LGBT (Not saying LGBT is a bad thing) propaganda, etc, while the other side TENDS to be more religious, believe in hardwork, etc. I’m talking in generalizations, but those are just some of the trends I have noticed.

  4. Recramorcen says:

    They’ll never be launched, even if politicians & military leaders try. If we’re gonna go extict it would need to be with lesser weapons, which are unlikely to be able to complete the task.

  5. mennis14 says:

    There was a phrase quoted by Bret Weinstein along the lines of pitting any one who had to go through these past couple years by themselves. I’ve seen my brother struggle through this despite him living with me throughout. What caused him to suffer more than others in my family was his lack of hope due to lack of faith (I would argue in a Creator) which is clearly outlined in this episode. Truly fascinating premise give how your past couple members only podcasts have highlighted the importance and impact that faith has on our lives.

  6. HerrDoktor says:

    There seem to be layers to the sentiment that the “world is ending.” Mostly it seems to relate to scope and perspective.

    Your girlfriend breaks up with you? The world has ended.
    Society falls into decadence? The world has ended.
    A city gets nuked? The world has ended.
    All humans die? The world has ended.
    All life on earth ceases? The world has ended.
    The earth is obliterated? The world has ended.
    The solar system gets sucked into a black hole? The world has ended.
    The heat death of the universe? The world has ended.

  7. Gralin says:

    What do nukes have to do with extinction likelihood? That’s like number 5 on the list of worst, most probable threats to our species and most others. Try to keep up.

  8. Importtuner01 says:

    Having dealt with mental health in the past, I can say despair certainly feels like a lack of direction. For years, I felt like I was on autopilot and was uncomfortable feeling anything but sadness. All it took was 1 decision to set a goal and I started to break out. It didn’t matter if I moved in the wrong direction anymore, because it helped me find the right one. Hope is a powerful thing.

  9. Recramorcen says:

    No, the world isn’t ending. Nodes of human civilization are reaching critical mass & thus triggering local behavioral sinks; or another way of putting it is humanity self actualizing cancer cells to kill or incite the ‘immune response’ of the human organism. It only seems bad because Tim is missing an aspect of what’s going on, its not just the end of an 80 year cycle, but also the culmination of other terrestrial & cosmic cycles that’s causing an amplification. Catastrophic planet scale destruction won’t happen as our “babysitters” won’t let us do anything that would cause them issues, i.e. nukes, they’ll just keep disabling them if we try to do anything to stupid because it affects them. So unless we can manage extinction without them, overall we will survive. That being said, millions + are about to die & nothing can stop that; the damage can only be minimized at this point.

  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8OyBtMPqpNY


    (rapid eye movement)

    REM (Ryan Edward Mullins) . My pen name will just be REM. Most of my book ideas have come to me in dreams, so it’s fitting.

    I’ve also dreamt of the future, including the “end of the world”, during my REM cycle since I was 12, and it’s eerie how many things have come true.

    If there’s any truth to it, we might need to really watch out for China. That’s part of the reason I’m moving from California all the way to New Hampshire within the next couple of years 😁. Hopefully those particular dreams are just dreams and won’t come true. Otherwise the country really will be divided.

    You guys might want to do an Inverted World on ESP, visions, dreams, predicting the future. I think it ties in to MKUltra as well.