Tales From the Inverted World #5: What's Wrong With the Birds?

A few hundred dead crows are discovered in a parking lot. After months of lab work, the Department of Environmental Conservation can’t identify what killed the …

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5 responses to “Tales From the Inverted World #5: What's Wrong With the Birds?”

  1. I recently read a scientific article that said we’re overdue for a magnetic pole flip, and that the signs are mounting that one may be imminent. That would mess with the navigation systems of birds and insects.

  2. pandusa says:

    Gee, maybe could all this cumulative artificial electromagnetism (cell ,satellites, HARRP ect) be messing up their central nervous systems and their normal patterns and behaviors (causing erratic behavior) ? Maybe it is affecting the earths magnetic field and jet stream? Could it be it also affecting human behavior ? Heating up the ionosphere with the alarmism about about Global warming? WTF are they doing? These are my questions.
    I heard a research scientist a year or more ago. He said if you work for some of these research outfits (that may affect big industry) and come up with the wrong answers…you may never work again. Sound familiar?

  3. ventornado says:

    Birds are my favorite animal and I hate how this is happening. However, when listening to this episode, it made me think of a couple things.

    First thing that popped up in my mind was in regards to the magnetic pole shifts that are supposed to happen every X amount of years. Could that be related to this? A similar topic was brought up with HAARP and the Ionosphere, but could the magnetic poles be starting to swap, and that’s what’s causing this to happen? Might be grasping at strings on that, but its interesting to think about.

    The second thing that this story reminded me of was the anime Dr. Stone. In it, a mysterious light turns all humans into stone (with the main character waking up 3000 years into the future, only to discover that all humanity got turned to stone). However, a couple days before people being turned to stone, birds were being turned to stone with no explanation. It makes me wonder if birds dieing off is some form of foreshadowing to something on the horizon? It’s interesting how this particular case happened right before COVID, but what about other cases of explainable bird deaths? Is there some sort of disaster that followed afterwards?

    The last thing that I thought of was how intelligent Crows are and it just seemed weird that these in particular, would die off like that. Crows always seemed to correspond with the supernatural in some form, like witches or ghosts for instance. Makes you wonder if there is something supernatural going on with this particular incident.

  4. hunt1803 says:

    The HAARP facility is located near Gakona, Alaska – almost 250 miles away from Fairbanks.

  5. Hank says:

    Cats can’t be trusted why would they even bother