Tales From The Inverted World #3: The Corpse That Danced in Hell’s Kitchen

An estranged brother tries to hunt down the men responsible for his brother’s murder. He faces death threats, personal demons, and the Irish Mob throughout …

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25 responses to “Tales From The Inverted World #3: The Corpse That Danced in Hell’s Kitchen”

  1. Turk_Longwell says:

    That really sucked me in there. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Jean2009 says:

    When’s the only members show what day and time?

  3. Bioh says:

    WTF? Not a fan of the “to be continued” at all. Part 1 somewhere in the title would alleviate the disappointed feeling. Just giving some, IMO constructive criticism. I’m enjoying the show and just thought I’d give my 2 cents.

  4. Kyrillos53 says:

    Where can I find the Members Only segments? I checked around and couldn’t find the ones for this series. I’m super interested. This show gives me chills and I love it.

  5. redmuskrat says:

    Please go to Highgate Cemetery. There’s a vampire there!

  6. JIMIFAR says:

    We have the Irish mafia here, in Norman Oklahoma.

  7. BlazingSandbox says:

    Why? I’m sure these events/stories do overlap sometimes AND I think Shane is the perfect guy to tell us some new and mysterious stories!

  8. BlazingSandbox says:

    Love THIS Show!
    1. Have you heard of the haunted beaches down in Cape May, NJ? You seem to be in the “spooky” NY/NJ tri-state area!
    2. Jersey (and many other states I’m sure) has some old, abandoned sanitariums all over. They were featured in the magazine, “Weird New Jersey,” which was/is an authentic and fun publication. Have you visited any, Shane? I imagine exploring them would be an adventure!

    Great Work!!! I’m hooked already!

  9. GBASH says:

    really enjoyed that, he has his work cut out does paul.

  10. HerrDoktor says:

    Yeah, I think you’re going to want to separate the true crime stuff from the paranormal stuff.

  11. TheDarkWall says:

    I like the show, but this is easily my biggest complaint. Been saying they’re doing it for 2 weeks yet nothing airs and no communication as to whats going on with it. I like the content, but they really need to do some work in terms of communications with their fanbase.

  12. Littletailsfarm says:

    Great story and keep up great work

  13. mightytyphoon71 says:

    While it ‘s a good story, I’m not looking for crime stories here. I have been researching all things dark for two decades and I would like to hear talk about topics, see evidence, hear guests talk about their experiences. I hope the format develops over time.

  14. MachismoJoe says:

    wait, where is this aftershow? member here….

  15. Boden says:

    trash. jumped all over the place so I had to keep rewinding to figure out if I missed something. then you just randomly ended it. not a fan of this. where was the paranormal anyways?

  16. redrumax says:

    Love Philip Marlowe, I read all the books. So funny.

  17. cherneskej says:

    You should look into the story of Alexandra Wiwcharuk, the beauty queen of Saskatoon who had a song made for her by Johnny Cash.

    Its a story of a horrible murder in which the suspects range from a drug running cop, a person who aided serial child killer/rapist as a boy, Johnny Carsons Manager, a former Premier who was later caught having murdered his wife, and a religious pastor who in his youth did some troubling things to women. All in the small town of Saskatoon.

  18. Charley says:

    In 1952, dad, mom, and I moved into grandfathers bungalow, just up from the main north/south railroad tracks for the west coast. Saturday and Sunday mornings were about pancakes or waffles with fresh fruit from the orchard on the property, and listening to the radio.
    One of the radio serials was Raymond Chandler’s Phillip Marlow, a detective series filled with descriptions of different characters, each having their own voice.
    Listening to “The Corpse That Danced” this morning brought back the memories of a 4 year old and a 22 year old gifted a signed first edition “Farewell, My Lovely”, but that’s another story…

  19. ZedS says:

    Good episode. I remember getting tapes of old radio dramas from the public library as a kid in the 90s, and this episode has the same vibes. The best special effects can’t equal the human imagination, after all.

  20. Tom Collins says:

    Good story. I remember listening to the radio when I was 6 or 7 and when they finished with “Tune in next week for the continuing adventures of —-” I got the same feeling of disappointment and anticipation as I did today with your story. See ya next week.

  21. Tazmo says:

    What the hell is that ending. Damn you, I guess I have to watch next week’s episode.

  22. Lori_M says:

    Amazing. This story has me anticipating the next installment. I’m not in your normal target audience. I’m 56 years old and I’m a woman. Actually I’m a Grandmother. But I’m addicted to this new program and I’ll be increasing my support so this show can grow.

  23. Rustyshackleford55 says:

    This is definitely the best episode so far. Love that it’s just a single, in depth story. But why is this edited? So kids can listen to a story about Irish mob murders but can’t hear cuss words? The *bleeps* definitely took me out of the story for an instant and they seem unnecessary.

  24. TheDarkWall says:

    This was a really fascinating story. Any ideas if the irish mafia, or that matter that more iconic italian mafia, are still a thing? I feel like in order for them to still exist they’d either have to have blended into the establishment more, gone underground, or maybe both.