Stores Panic Buy Food In Fear Something BIG Is Coming, Food Shortage Gets WORSE Amid Economic Crisis

[youtube-feed-single]Stores Panic Buy Food In Fear Something BIG Is Coming, Food Shortage Gets WORSE Amid Economic Crisis

Democrat policy doesn’t seem to be improving anything as local shortages are expanding into distributor shortages.

Inflation is on the rise and moves made by big market corporations may signal this is going to be worse than we realized.

Republicans and Democrats mostly seem to be concerned about culture war issues however and many may be too distracted to realize something bad may hit the American working class.

Trucker shortages are turning into rising gas prices, food shortages, labor shortages, and it all seems to be getting worse


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19 responses to “Stores Panic Buy Food In Fear Something BIG Is Coming, Food Shortage Gets WORSE Amid Economic Crisis”

  1. Russ says:

    Follow the guidelines below for storing food in the refrigerator and freezer. The short time limits for home-refrigerated foods will help keep them from spoiling or becoming dangerous to eat. The guidelines for freezer storage are for quality only—frozen foods stored continuously at 0 °F or below can be kept indefinitely.

    Kept indefinitely is the key point!

    This is from:

  2. Anpumesses says:

    Taxes are the biggest cost, labor is second

  3. AdmiralPoesidon says:

    Only the YouTube uploads are imbedded YouTube. The bonus, anti-youtube content is not. And besides, he backs all vids up to bitchute and can upload the banned video to this platform later. See the original banned Alex Jones episode, uploaded to this platform a couple days after it was banned.

  4. Killerbill8 says:

    If he’s not going to load last nights video on here, I wish he would at least let us know what happened. It was a good show but I missed the last 45 minutes.

  5. MadMartin says:

    Last thing I heard was paraphrasing ” china is authoritarian but America is too its just controlled by this crazy tran….” then I buy for access to his members area. It’s embedded YouTube videos. Time to liquidate doge and get that app asap. 🤪

  6. Tcookson0233 says:

    He talks about being prepared and doesnt stream on his own site people pay him for 😂. Now Im just curious what was said that made the great Oz decide it was time to hit the big red button.

  7. Bobo says:

    What I was thinking… he must’ve thought there was something in it that needed to be edited out but I’m not sure what. I missed the last 15 minutes or so.

  8. marewey says:

    Can we get the video uploaded here to watch the rest of it?

  9. Hunor_Andras says:

    So it did get takin down, cause i did the same thing and halfway my phone started actin crazy i mean fbi begin involved in things i see it….its off of my history and everything like it never existed….
    Its like when i was all about Anonymous and thought they where real till i saw a report where all these ‘anti government’ or conspiracy theories organization where all started and funded by the CIA so i simply asked a question ‘ if all those reports have been true, then how do we know anonymous wasnt also started the same way ? Next thing i know im banned from there web site and got kick out of all the groups i was involved in..? Never got an answer but im going to guess im pretty sure i was correct because those ?s aren’t supposed to be asked…lol good thing i live here in the land of the free not my home country of Romania where a black car pulls up with a few ppl and your never heard from again and government answer at the time was there in reeducation program….thank got my dad survived cause he was beat to a pulp and stripped naked then drenched in water and left on the top of the Transylvania mountains for dead in the winter(average temp then was -12°c ….
    We love you Tim please post that interview on this site…

  10. Dillon says:

    Pretty sure Tim pulled it right when they finished

  11. Reallynow says:

    looks like youtube finally found something to give them a strike over. their live stream just got taken down.

  12. Krischker says:

    Censorship, all the more reason to stand up. Why have a dedicatedwebsite unless prepared. my suggestionis to utilize this platform more than that which censors you.

    congrats on your success!

  13. Killerbill8 says:

    I think you’re right.

  14. AdmiralPoesidon says:

    Did they say something of banhammer value?

  15. Killerbill8 says:

    I think youtube finally banned timcast

  16. Nooo I was late to the livestream! It got taken off youtube halfway through my listen

  17. andrewpuckett57 says:

    they finally pushed the button 🤯

  18. Th1nny says:

    What happened to the live stream tonight…. It was awesome now its gone.

  19. Killerbill8 says:

    Well, it’s thursday night i’m watching timcast and the feed was deleted. I think youtube finally banned timcast IRL.