Stocking The New Timcast IRL Studio With Rare Spirits

After picking up fan mail from the P.O. Box, the Castle Crew makes their second trip to the liquor store, this time bringing former bartender Chris Karr along for the …

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2 responses to “Stocking The New Timcast IRL Studio With Rare Spirits”

  1. nrol34 says:

    Tell Ian to watch this 3 min commercial about a dog that has LSD like trips licking cand toads.(1)


  2. UppityG says:

    A great wrong has been righted. lol Watching you liquor horde the first time without anyone who actually partakes was like watching a toddler play seven card stud with real cash.

    Now that Karr is on board and will be the castle spirit sommelier, I can relax, knowing that abuse of liquor will be mitigated.

    JD Black, single, neat. Salud.

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