Social Cohesion Is COMPLETELY Shattered, Leftists Only Have The Illusion Of It

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Chloe Valdary, founder of Theory of Enchantment, the alternative to critical theory, to debate whether there is any form of cohesion left in …

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One response to “Social Cohesion Is COMPLETELY Shattered, Leftists Only Have The Illusion Of It”

  1. MrSooop says:

    Thought viruses, common errors in thinking that spread through the group consciousness. Critical thinking antibodies can form when someone catches a thought virus but then upon further review sees the errors in logic and correctly resolves them. Antibodies below:
    There is an episode of Sliders where people can get free money but when they do they enter a death lottery, supposed to be a form of population control. The other people in the society THANK those people for doing it.
    Isn’t that what it should be like with any long-term socialized health care program? Why shouldn’t the people who make poor health decisions be thanked instead of ridiculed? Statistically won’t they live a shorter lifespan and therefore the system will have to pay less for them in the long term?
    It’s just another thought virus and yet another excuse to be judgmental of others. It divides us further. I bet the trollfarms love that type of rhetoric. They can probably just throw out a few polarizing insults where that topic is thrown around then that snowball rolls itself.
    So i suppose not being so judgmental of other individual’s personal choices can actually make us wiser, very cool. I think the Gospels in the Bible pretty much cover a lot of increasingly common thinking errors like that.