Retired General Michael Flynn DENIES Calling For Coup In US, He's Lying And Discrediting The Right

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5 responses to “Retired General Michael Flynn DENIES Calling For Coup In US, He’s Lying And Discrediting The Right”

  1. crash55 says:

    Tim, after what happened to Flynn the last four years I will give him a pass on just about anything he wants to say about the insane Democrats because they put him through hell. If you are unaware about the threats to his son or the bankruptcy that his defense cost him, you need to do your homework. Pathetic! Do better!

  2. BurlyD says:

    “I want to know why what happened in Mynamar can’t happen here?”
    A “No reason it should happen, no reason.”
    B “No reason. It should happen. No reason.”

  3. Housersch37 says:

    “No reason a coup should happen, no reason.” That is what he said.

  4. Housersch37 says:

    On another note. How about you look into the so called “glitch.” A glitch does not randomly happen, to benefit one side. That is not a glitch. How do I know, it is because I have taken classes on programs. A program that is recently created is tested over and over, to make sure that there is no glitches. This so called “glitch” is not a glitch. It helps Democrats gain seats. Then what happens when it is looked into by the Republicans and so forth, the Dmeocxrats shut it down. That alone should tell you that they know about the “gllitch.” That is Fraud.

  5. Housersch37 says:

    Tim, watch his speech. Stop getting your stuff from other sources and go to the main source yourself. Make sure you actually listen to it. He did not say that we should have a coup. You are misinterpreting his words, that is thought policing, Tim! You yourself said that reproters and journalists have to clarify what people have stated, instead of thining what they mean. You are doing what the journalists of today are doing, which is wrong.

    Do your do diligence, and ask Flynn what he meant, instead of relying on other sources for what they think he said. Flynn knows what he had said and he has stated it to others. He did not discredit the Right. He is only one person, and he never did discredit the Right. Do you work.

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