Police Chief RESIGNS Amid Daunte Wright Riots, Chauvin Trial Compromised By BLM Riots

[youtube-feed-single]Police Chief RESIGNS Amid Daunte Wright Riots, Chauvin Trial Compromised By BLM Riots. With over one thousand national guard deployed and the judge refusing to sequester the jury, there is no way the jurors are not tainted by BLM rioting.

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2 responses to “Police Chief RESIGNS Amid Daunte Wright Riots, Chauvin Trial Compromised By BLM Riots”

  1. SUJU17 says:

    Please, please defund the popo. They serve no purpose. They won’t protect small businesses. They enforce establishment ninny picking. They hate vet. ASK Jake Gardner. BLM people and Antifa keep calling them, weird as sh!t. Honestly, we would be better off without them. It’s only BLM and Antifa who want them.

  2. Spider_Guard says:

    Definitely love the show and the perspective, why I joined up and kick in a few bones a month. On the topic of Daunte Wright, I think you are taking the wrong perspective. Officer Kim Potter was just charged, a half hour ago, with 2nd Degree Manslaughter. Here is why she gets off and where you are missing her defense.

    She is the senior officer on the scene. He is resists, and attempts to re-enter his vehicle. She is now the lethal cover in the event that he comes out of his vehicle with a gun (didn’t we just see the other month where a female suspect re-entered her vehicle and then shot the officer- there are hundreds of examples), that is perhaps one of the most dangerous moments- a suspect, resisting arrest, known to have weapons, reaches back into a vehicle… who knows what happens next.

    She was issuing orders to the subordinate officers to taze him while she had him at gun-point.

    She knew she had her primary sidearm. The front sight of a pistol is different than a Tazer, the grip is different, everything is different, she knew she had her pistol drawn. On purpose. Her reaction to shooting was her incredulous belief that she actually had what it took to pull the trigger. That is a boundary few people understand, and she stepped through. That was her shock, and that will be her trauma for life.

    Her defense is simple:
    1. Wanted for Aggravated Robbery with a firearm
    2. Known to be armed
    3. Resisted Arrest
    4. Went back into his vehicle
    5. Looked (to her) that he was reaching

    The shooting is 100% within protocol. End of story. She should NOT have been charged until the DA and IA had conducted their investigation and ruled on the justification of the shooting. What we are witnessing here is the system caving to the demands of the mob. Sad, where we go from here is not a happy destination.

    Be well sir-