Pentagon Says They CAN'T EXPLAIN Recent UFO Sightings, This Is A Huge Deal

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia join host of popular Daily Wire show and author Candace Owens to break down what it means that the Pentagon can’t even explain all the recent UFO sightings people are reporting.

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6 responses to “Pentagon Says They CAN’T EXPLAIN Recent UFO Sightings, This Is A Huge Deal”

  1. SugeArgos says:

    I live just outside DC and at my work we have a bar with a patio and this past Saturday a customer filmed what we think is a UFO.

  2. Cleffy says:

    I saw a UFO a couple months ago flying over Miramar Airbase. Either that or it was a drone.

  3. Siultor says:

    I think I cracked the code guys… what if UFOs are time traveling “ARKs” so the government cant tell the masses or it ruins the timeline and the UFOs cease to exist 🤷🏻‍♂️ cuz if resources in the future run too scarce, it would make perfect sense that If humanity ever gets close to figuring out time travel in our timeline, then there will be international competition to achieve or master timetravel first like there was for space travel. If that’s the case, then if humanity ever reaches a point where they dont have the resources to comb space for potentially inhabitable planets anymore, they would have only one option, send humans back in time to a time where there were resources and attempt to have them assimilate with humans from the past to survive and continue living… this actually explains alot And Im beginning to suspect this is probably why we find traces of advanced civilizations in our history… its not aliens, just humans traveling to the past in desperation… it also explains certain civilizations and religions. China sent their rover to mars named after a Chinese Fire deity so with that logic, it would make sense that foreign “godless” nations would travel to our past and introduce themselves as gods to manipulate early humans into submission and force them into labor and teach them advanced building techniques which would explain why God flooded the earth (almost every culture has a great flood) and constantly wiped out entire early civilizations leaving us to only find rubble and mysterious artifacts “out of time” that are too developed for the ancient world like metal plating and percision architecture 🤔

  4. MaineWolf says:

    Carrot on a stick inception. Imagine being led by a carrot on a stick. Paraded around in the direction they want you to go. One day you finally get to eat the carrot, only to find out you have to get the carrot on the next stick. And so on and so on.

  5. Tim, watch Unacknowledged and Disclosure by Dr. Steven Greer. Your brain will explode.

  6. Tim, watch Unacknowledged and Disclosure by Dr. Steven Greer. Your brain will explode.