NYT Staff On MSNBC Denounces American Flags As Disturbing, Democrats Don't Share Reality With GOP

[youtube-feed-single]NYT Staffer On MSNBC Denounces American Flags As Disturbing, Democrats Don’t Share Reality With GOP. Democrats have embraced a paranoid delusional worldview and don’t share reality with the GOP anymore.

While certainly the right has its weirdos, those people have little to no institutional power. meanwhile Democrats are openly calling the American flags disturbing on national television and ascribing insane views to people simply for driving trucks.

The hatred between the tribes in the culture war is at the highest levels yet and this cold civil war could escalate into overt hot war soon.

Conservatives like the American flag and what it represents but Democrats are pushing for historical revisionism with the 1619 project and flying BLM flags at our embassies


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