Navy Unprepared For War As Diversity Training Supersedes War Training Causing US SURRENDER To Iran

[youtube-feed-single]Navy Unprepared For War As Diversity Training Supersedes War Training Causing US SURRENDER To Iran. While Democrats have continued to push the establishment woke line it seems our Navy will get woke go broke.

Very few republicans do much if anything about this. The problem is only getting worse as the culture war is causing a rot in the US from the inside out.

As China pushes on Taiwan and Japan warns of the escalating crises we are confronted by the fact that navy diversity programs are leaving us too scrambled and weak to engage in warfare.

Trump unfortunately didn’t do enough to stop this as this all was taking place under is administration. Biden however seems to just be making it all worse and faster than ever.


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7 responses to “Navy Unprepared For War As Diversity Training Supersedes War Training Causing US SURRENDER To Iran”

  1. Messongoman says:

    Hey they surrendered those riverine boats while Obama was still in charge dude. 12 Jan 2016

  2. Ldyhorse says:

    Having grandfathers that fought in WWII, a father that fought in Korea, and several family members that were in Nam, and brothers that went into military service, I’ve always had a feeling in pride with our military branches. However, now, all I can picture is mamby pamby toy boys trying to figure out which end of the gun actually has the bullet come out of. This scares the hell out of me.

  3. Ohaidere says:


  4. If we keep letting children play with the infrastructure of national defense, by the time the adults take over, there will be nothing of use.

  5. Jason34 says:

    I didn’t realize these 2 events happened 1 and 5 years ago respectively. Tim, I think you do a fantastic job, but small request, since this was a report of the aftermath of these events, please be clear in the future that the events themselves happened on X date in the past. I spent a few hours today before some research thinking these both happened today or this week. Thank god they didn’t all happen at once, though this still shows some great weakness in our military procedure.

  6. Dennafen says:

    So I understand the argument for why you’re still on youtube, but you shouldn’t be linking videos you post on there to your own site.

  7. AgtOfKarma says:

    Tim, you should get Peter Zeihan on the podcast. He’s a geopolitical strategy consultant and has a bit of a contrarian view of the possibility of war with China. You guys would have fun time talking with him. People should look up his videos on YouTube if they haven’t seen any of them.