Media REWRITES History By Stealth-Editing Headlines, Tom Cotton Story SHIFTS In Real Time

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia host Human Events journalist and commentator Jack Posobiec to break down how the media is changing history, and reality as people know it, using the example of an article that was stealthily edited about Tom Cotton.

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Guest: Jack Posobiec
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4 responses to “Media REWRITES History By Stealth-Editing Headlines, Tom Cotton Story SHIFTS In Real Time”

  1. Macatac007 says:

    Just like usa/today, saying project veritas did a coordinated misinformation project, their source ny times Ny times 1st said it was not news facts, but opinion. But in court filings they’ve flip flopped, it was in news section, but said opinion. In reply to court they said they did no research, no investigation, no, basically they did no journalism. Now they’re saying they will suffer great & irreparable harm if Project Veritas is allowed to depose them. Well, when you commit defamation or throw aspersions around at someone for no other reason than they don’t support your narrative or tribe. You’re going to suffer harm brought on only by your malice ny times…
    DUH, ny times…

  2. Macatac007 says:

    Tim they’re trying to rewrite actual history! The United States didn’t happen in 1776 or after revolutionary war, but in 1619 with absurd “truths”(narrative)

  3. Macatac007 says:

    But Tim,
    The truth shall set you free!
    P.S. I watched your video with Matt Brynar, I loved it. What I loved even more is that you are not a milk toast fence sitting “BOT,” You said shit, fu<k, and f-ing, wow truly worth $25 dollars for this month. Just joined tonight, thank you for the news everyday, you're very informative….

  4. Macatac007 says:

    Remember the former vice president said, “we believe in truths over facts!” Whose truth, what truth, well I think their truth is whatever narrative they’re trying to push…