Man Arrested After Attempting To FIREBOMB Democrat Headquarters In Texas

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join coworker, podcaster, author, and former adjunct professor Shane Cashman to discuss the recent news of a man arrested for attempting …

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2 responses to “Man Arrested After Attempting To FIREBOMB Democrat Headquarters In Texas”

  1. IrateModerate says:

    What happens when Delusional Woke preconception of Reality meets objective reality?


    Or maybe it was done intentionally to destroy USA’s reputation on the world stage, transfer power to China & Russia for the benefit of the globalist corporate order
    And personal gain of
    The Biden crime family in league with the Woke Communist insurrection
    Openly revolting to overthrow the US Gov

    Yes Jan 6 was just misdirection to keep your attention off the the Woke Marxist insurrection that’d usurped control of US institutions and violently rioted on the streets to collapse the USA from within


  2. IrateModerate says:

    Webster’s collegiate dictnry app recently changed the definition of FASCISM.
    They removed THE defining characteristic, the merger of private business & state power!
    So now fascism is any authoritarian type of government. Thus the Globalist Corporate Rule is no longer fascism!

    By definition LoL 😅