Timcast IRL - Man Arrested For Firebombing Democrats HQ w/Shane Cashman

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8 responses to “Timcast IRL – Man Arrested For Firebombing Democrats HQ w/Shane Cashman”

  1. MrSooop says:

    And a life on Mars prequel series detailing some ways in which Martian cultures ended up affecting Earth cultures.

    Then a movie. The Mercurians find a way to travel in time and use it to try and influence Neptunian cultures. The future Mercury tech is so advanced that all the monks on all the moons of Jupiter meditating at once wouldn’t even be able to stop them. And Uranus won’t help at all. The ancient Plutonians sacrificed themselves to stop the Mercurians from creating a solar paradox, which would cause the sun to implode on itself to use as a weapon against their enemies, taking the past civilizations of the entire solar system with it. But not if the time warriors of Saturn have anything to say about it. Earth may hold the key to stopping the Mercurians from ever gaining the ability to travel in time. The clocks are ticking as the singularity attempts to become.

  2. cathy.drazek says:

    Based on review of political comics and study of American history, the country went through a similar transformation in the 30s. The manner of “warfare” is changed/evolved, but the weapons citizens have to fight back have also changed/evolved. I have faith that we will overcome. I just hope it doesn’t take a World War to wake up the sheep.

  3. MrSooop says:

    Like a tiny two-headed t-rex with wings that fights with itself sometimes.

  4. MrSooop says:

    How about a scifi show set like a million years in the future on Venus? Some Venusions discover a museum and library from ancient Earth orbiting their planet. They can examine Earth history and cultures from an outside perspective. Perhaps they even find some not so great parallels in Venusion cultures and try to fix things so they don’t go down some of our bad paths. And the main characters should probably have a really interesting pet of some kind.

  5. Vahamon says:

    Hi, This message is for Shane Cashman: I don’t know if you are familiar with Christian Page, but in Canada he is an expert on paranormal reporting. If you didn’t read any of his book, I suggest you do so. Very interesting and that might give you many ideas of story to cover.

  6. MrSooop says:

    Maybe that’s what the face on Mars is about, a signal from a previous civilization that we can see from Earth through telescopes. And maybe our moon has a Martian museum inside it. But we can only get in when we are advanced enough to figure out some crater puzzle or something.

  7. MrSooop says:

    The blue areas want to control other states just like how they strong-arm their own states from the cities. Red areas generally just want to be left alone. IMO, it is highly unlikely that the blue states would leave the red states alone if there was a separation. I think there is also a large possibility that the blue menace would allow or even invite china and un troops into their blunion states.
    I don’t see how liberty here survives a split. The cult already thinks the same things that may work for one place should be mandated in every other place, they don’t give a fuck about considering situations or people individually. They have become cogs in their own machinery, they now believe their own bullshit even when they know it’s bullshit sometimes, I’ve seen it… and they love the smell.

    We have a governmental system that is set up so that it can be changed almost however we want to if enough us want the changes. The states which constitute this union were already set up to be independent within the union. A state can even make treaties with other countries and they were intended to have autonomy within their own borders.
    Perhaps we could use a constitutional audit, adjustments, then a reboot. Kind of like, go through the laws and policies to identify which ones don’t pass constitutional muster and find creative ways to either conform, change, or eliminate them.

    i believe that Venus has not yet entered the goldilocks zone, mars has. If we want to leave any messages for intelligent Venusion life that may emerge or visit there one day, we could send a large satellite to orbit there with an art gallery inside and out. It should stay preserved well in space.
    Perhaps they should have the opportunity to make their own path without our interference though, like the prime directive from trek. Our culture could contaminate their natural progression or perhaps make it better. Who are we to play gods with the destinies of other worlds?
    But maybe our artifacts could be a part of their natural progression because we are a part of the natural progression of this solar system too. In which case we should totally send a bigass satellite museum into orbit there and maybe send some tardigrades to the surface also.

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