Liberalism is A PRIVILEGE, The Idea Of Real Freedoms Do NOT Exist During Hard Times Like War

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2 responses to “Liberalism is A PRIVILEGE, The Idea Of Real Freedoms Do NOT Exist During Hard Times Like War”

  1. publius_scipio says:

    12:53 no offense is meant here, but that is a wild misunderstanding of what a “barbarian” to Rome even was. These were actually extremely sophisticated peoples with which Rome was fighting. A barbarian to Rome was basically anybody that wasn’t Roman or Greek. That meant peoples like the Carthaginians who were at times even _more_ sophisticated than Rome. Barbarian was inherited from the Greeks who used it as anybody that wasn’t Greek, to which for a long time the Romans were considered barbarians to the Greeks, even though the Romans had already outclassed the Greeks. So, again, I mean no offense, but the “barbarians” who sacked Rome both times (386/390 BC and 410AD), were far more sophisticated than the example presented. Like, _way_ more sophisticated.

  2. publius_scipio says:

    7:06 no other nation is federalized in the way the US is (and was). It’s part of the reason that the South will continue to evoke the trample of State’s Rights during that time and after. Make no mistake slavery was at risk, but the North did not fight to end slavery, and the backbone of the fight was whether or not the Federal Government had the _right_ to remove slavery in the South, which the South did not think it did, but thought that would be attempted, so the South started the war in order to preserve slavery through the proper application of Federalism (i.e. we are in fact 50 nations or states – both terms can be synonymous but not to our modern minds because we have a warped view of things – and there is a constant check-and-balance power structure between local, state and federal forces, none of which really have the edge). So our form of government made something like that have to end with war if it were to end in one swoop. Otherwise, it would have been the adoption state by state. We make a _huge_ mistake of always comparing the US as a whole, which is very strange and a more modern phenomenon than you might think. The US ought not to be thought of in that direction for a lot of statistics and such because of the _extreme_ diversity. Even states themselves shouldn’t always be thought of in that regard, especially a place like Texas, which is extremely diverse which is why local and state governments were given enormous power.