Leaked Docs EXPOSE Facebook Censoring Factual News About Vaccine Side Effects To Manipulate People

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3 responses to “Leaked Docs EXPOSE Facebook Censoring Factual News About Vaccine Side Effects To Manipulate People”

  1. CalDelt says:

    Tim keeps ratcheting up the number of unarmed blacks killed by police. First it was 9, closest to the real number depending on who you listen to. Then last week he says 19. Today it’s 29. Can’t wait to hear the number next week.

  2. TenHouseRepsMustGo says:

    I couldn’t find Tim’s morning monologue on Youtube today. Even search failed to bring it up. Now that I see the video it’s clear that the video was censored because it tells the truth. Truth is now officially banned by Facebook and apparently banned by Youtube as well. Looking for a way to fight back? Check out http://www.unsilencedmajority.org

  3. Fishbiskit says:

    What they want is global market dominance. That means that it’s easier to censor Americans and try to remove our Constitutionally enshrined rights in favor of their Chinese client. The power of the consumer gets watered down when the majority of humans live in nations that treat them like idiot children who need to be told what to think & human rights are nonexistent.
    We have all been on autopilot and didn’t notice that our government was completely selling us all out in favor of the global market. The Corporations are larger and more wealthy than most nations and are exerting their power to streamline their business interests over those of humans because that’s what makes them easy money.
    The problem is not FB or YT censoring people it is the coordinated efforts of many companies excluding people by limiting their access to services that cannot be done without. Communicating with other citizens, esp questioning things, banking, access to the marketplace, food or medicine etc.
    The fix is simple and in line with the Spirit of the American Constitution. If you want to have the protection of the US Constitution & participate in the public marketplace, you need to operate within the bounds of that Constitution and can only censor or ban things that violate the law. If you want to create a platform where people can create an echo-chamber of leftist lunacy, then you need to be a members only platform. Above that, we need a shift in thinking from our law makers to being proactive about preserving the rights of citizens and not just giving in to corporate money and interests. For those who still say “But it’s a private business!” the answer is the same for individuals. If your practices interfere with the ability of others to participate or exercise their rights, then you will be regulated. The rights of the citizen take precedence over the “rights” of corporations.