Kyrie Irving REFUSES Mandatory Covid Vaccination, Will Not Be Playing In Major NBA Games

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join former Navy bomb squad leader Tom Sauer to praise Kyrie Irving’s courageous choice to stand by his principles and stand up to a …

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One response to “Kyrie Irving REFUSES Mandatory Covid Vaccination, Will Not Be Playing In Major NBA Games”

  1. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    Take this for what it’s worth, to you. The individual. Had the general population been watching the development of technology, ie., genetic, space exploration, military space defense, and even mans origins related to biblical stories which have technology implications (god created man from “his image and likeness” and “god created woman by removing one of mans ribs and creating woman). Are the beings that did this still here and are they still “pulling the strings?”

    We know that earth has gone through catastrophic events that have led to humans almost extinction. Plenty of strage stories surrounding the subject.

    We have seen politicians lie and argue about climate change. Some are making it a moneymaking endeavor to live comfortably. They have suppressed scientists documented findings. Those findings have been turned into a left or right leaning “religion.”

    You should know this. Man; or whoever controls man knows how to manipulate our genetics.

    The ability to travel in space and defend our planet and the moon is HERE. The only way to make this a large scale endeavor is through changing mans genetics; or should I say his/her biology to withstand the rigors of space exploration, which will involve mining planets for resources. Our children’s children may not look the same as they do today.
    NASA has been taking insects and other animals into space for years. Some insects can survive 3x’s the amount of radiation as man.

    Sounds so F–ing sci-fi. The visual effects of humanoids in Star Wars and Startrek were not for viewing pleasure. They were to desensitize us and open up our minds the the possibility. I believe it is possible.

    Time to put away social media and read about the physical sciences.

    In my eyes and mind, religion is dead.

    What’s scary to me is that god is returning.

    According to biblical texts; God has laid waist to man numerous times. We still don’t really know if God created us or the Fallen created us.

    Either way we are Gods or the Fallen’s slaves.

    When the earth freezes over, I’ll be dead. But my child may not be.

    What this Covid inoculation was designed to do I have no clue. It is definitely not giving us an immunity to Covid.

    Learn to think outside of the box. Spend some time reading about the sciences.