Judge Wants Rittenhouse Prosecutor UNDER OATH After New Evidence Suggest He EDITED Evidence And LIED

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One response to “Judge Wants Rittenhouse Prosecutor UNDER OATH After New Evidence Suggest He EDITED Evidence And LIED”

  1. Skynet0225 says:

    Interesting take Tim. I worked for a large Sheriff’s office for 30 years. A large majority of that time was spent in a jail that housed roughly 2500 inmates. The jail also housed federal prisoners as there was a federal court in the county seat. I’ve been terrified of the power of the federal criminal justice system for well over 25 years. I’ve seen first hand what they can do. If I had my way the Constitution would be modified to make it damn near impossible for the feds to bring criminal charges against a citizen outside of treason or clear interstate crime with actual victims. Hell, I’d also like to see “law enforcement” for local police de-emphasized in favor of their original role and title of “peace officer” Politicians have been adding laws in an effort to win reelection for centuries and then dumping enforcement of those laws on street cops. The role of cops should be keeping the peace first and foremost, with enforcement limited to maintaining the peace. Let the different agencies conduct enforcement for their area of responsibility. For instance why should cops enforce cigarette and alcohol laws? Let the health department be responsible for those actions. If it comes to a point where those agencies get a court order, them maybe a peace officer should be called in to enforce the order. Until then, let them write their tickets or whatever it is that they’re supposed to do. I could give other examples, and I don’t have all the answers by any means, but the idea of using cops to grind people down has to stop.