Hospitals Are OVERRUN With Non-COVID Patients, A 'Super Cold' Is Spreading And People Are VERY Sick

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3 responses to “Hospitals Are OVERRUN With Non-COVID Patients, A 'Super Cold' Is Spreading And People Are VERY Sick”

  1. Surprise_Mechanics says:

    Unvaccinated asshole here and I think I’ve got this super cold now. Been sick for about a week now, starting to get better. Got tested for COVID twice and both were negative.

    I came down with this after being in a larger crowd for the first time since basically pre covid. So yeah, I think our immune systems are trashed right now.

  2. nukedaddy777 says:

    Anecdotal but a “fully vaccinated” (3 shots) friend was hospitalized with white blotches on her lung X-Rays, nonbacterial pneumonia but supposedly not Covid. Yea – right – that is what Covid looks like, funny thing.

    Covid-19 is coronavirus, coronavirus is a form of cold – when you got a cold the doctor would often write “coronavirus” as the diagnosis. Historically there was “no cure for the common cold” because that class of viruses was notorious for quickly mutating. Rather than concentrating on treatments (zinc, FDA approved against the common cold, HCQ a zinc ionophore and Ivermectin), the “vaccines” MAY have caused rapid adaptation that this class of virus has historically exhibited. God only knows what the Wiley Coyotes in laboratory coats have created through monkeying around with things beyond them. The immune system, DNA and RNA are vastly complex and playing God by trying to program medicines and using human population as laboratory rats might lead to bad things.

    Would you go into a Terrabyte operating system super computer and try to program a fix? I have a patent having written a self-verifying compiler, and I wouldn’t endanger one of my $500 computers by trying to monkey with Windows or Linux kernels in a meaningful fashion. What sort of hubris tries to code humans with mRNA? One thing to harvest vaccines or introduce something natural, and another to start messing with the genetic coding of people.

  3. kepperjack says:

    Is there a chance that Timcast can interview Dr. Calvin Luther Martin, PhD? By his investigation, the vaccine is greatly harming everyone’s immune system, which would explain what is happening.