EPISODE 1 Promo:

A sneak peak from Tales From the Inverted World – Episode #1: Is the Truth Out There?

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5 responses to “EPISODE 1 Promo:”

  1. TexasGI47 says:

    @Willisthehy Your ghosts don’t want to use primary colors?

  2. obiwanzanobi says:

    My Tor browser won’t let me access YT, can you post the link to another platform?

  3. Willisthehy says:

    Ah I have a few ghost stories from personal experiences. one actually being violet.

  4. JosephGlick says:

    Hey Shane I have 2 stories for ya mate. And both happened to me. One is seeing a spector outside my Bedroom multiple nights in a row when I stayed with my parents after getting out of the military in Neenah, WI ( we also lived next to a cemetery). The other happened when I nearly died and was in a Coma so what the other side was including what I all saw. These stories I would really love to share with ya mate. Just send me a message if you are interested. My email should be linked to my account.

  5. LILC00LEY says:

    🤔 Can’t wait to see this. Would love to see a few fellow contractors to talk about the weird shit we saw in the Kush…