EPISODE 1: Is The Truth Out There?

Shane Cashman looks for stories of paranormal encounters outside the Washington DC area. More people than usual seem to be speaking out about their belief …

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  1. Tilly4Rilly says:

    I can explain most things if introduced to it.

  2. KoopaTroopa says:

    Probably a teaser for those that haven’t subscribed yet. This way they know the format of the show and also the eb and flow of it.

  3. Khalrua says:

    yeah it was unclear to me if tales from the inverted world was for members only or not. I know Tim’s goal is to create more anti-mainstream (or whatever you want to call it) culture. I think it makes sense to make it as available as possible.

  4. BladeRunner says:

    Why is this on YouTue if it’s supposed to be “Exclusive content” for TIMCAST Subscription members?

  5. Shapeofevil says:


    Can’t believe I missed this starting. Just listened to this one. Looking forward to the rest.

  6. BladeRunner says:

    A really excellent post to be honest. Much of what you suggested aligns with my own belief system.

  7. LunaticA says:

    Love this opener! great job! cant wait for Timcast.com to expand.

  8. demfraz says:

    Love this opener!

  9. Downtowngirl says:


    I really enjoyed this show. The music was on point too.

    I’ve seen spirits and ghosts myself and believe them with my whole soul.

    I used to believe in the La Llorona and was taken as a child with my cousins to the river to hear her cry for her children in La Junta New Mexico. We all heard her cry. The story I was told was that she drowned her children in the river and was crying in remorse for killing them.

    But others have a different story :

    The legend of La Llorona (pronounced “LAH yoh ROH nah”), Spanish for the Weeping Woman, has been a part of Hispanic culture in the Southwest since the days of the conquistadores. The tall, thin spirit is said to be blessed with natural beauty and long flowing black hair. She wears a white gown and roams the rivers and creeks, wailing into the night and searching for children to drag, screaming to a watery grave.

    I looking forward to hearing more stories

  10. DoubleDownDee says:

    @Shane Cashman
    You have a voice for audio, I enjoyed listening while getting stuff done. I like knowing there is no visual stimulation in your video, relying on your descriptive script and inflections in your voice to paint the picture and tell the story.
    I enjoyed this first episode/pilot. Can’t wait to hear which stories you have selected in the upcoming episodes!
    PS. What would you title a story about a 70/80 YO grandmother who lifts a car off grandson, people coming back from the dead in a hospital, or mysterious strangers who pop in to save someone’s life and then vanish again? Paranormal? Supernatural? We’ve been hearing stories like this for decades/centuries, from credible witnesses. I guess it’s nice to have the video proof, but for myself and others, we already knew. It’s in the gut, right?

  11. RyanShhit says:

    I was a staunch believer that people who are convinced they had an experience were either lying or had psychological issues that may explain away the account. However I had an experience that made me believe in ghosts/spirits/demons/something of that origin. I’ve had several small things that were questionable happen. But about 10 years ago I was laying in my bedroom watching TV as my kid was playing a game in the living room on that tv. I had a wild Cherry Pepsi can, empty, on my night stand. It had fallen over at some point and my lazy ass didn’t pick it up and just left it there. Watching the tv, it had fallen off the nightstand on to the ground and the sound caught my attention. So I picked it up and put it back, but on its side as I was curious for some reason. Nothing happened and I lost interest, turning my attention back to the tv. Some minutes later, the sound of the can falling caught my attention again. I called for my kid, as I wanted someone else witness this and to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke or something. The AC was not on, it was late November and the house was cool; south Texas. I asked my kid to turn off the oscillating fan by the door when she came in. I then told her what had happened and wanted to see if it happened while she was in there. I put the can back on it’s side on the stand. I started recording and nervously narrated briefly what had happened. I then asked it to move the can again pushing it off the stand. After asking, it moved slightly. Like a couple inches forward but then rolling back about half way. I asked it to push it off the table. And seconds after asking, it moved with a solid amount of effort and fell off the table. For the keepsake I uploaded it to YouTube but changed it to private as I was young and single and not the tidiest of people back the. Lol.

    The same house, months before, my ex girlfriend (wasn’t an ex at the time) had a weird experience I didn’t initially believe either. We never really talked about these things, and I never knew her to just make random shit up, but it seemed too much to be real; after my experience I tend to feel she was being honest about it.

    I had gone shark fishing at the beach with some guy friends. She told me she was home, in the bedroom and playing guitar hero. She heard water running, but not like through pipes – like out of a faucet. She went to the restroom to use the toilet and noticed the bathtub was 1/4 full of clear water. She touched the water and noticed it was cold. There was no stopper in the drain and it likely wasn’t a backup in the pipes as the water was clear; not waste water. She went to get the plunger out of the garage, I’m really weird about plungers being in the bathroom; I know…weird thing to be weird about. When she came back to plunge the drain to get the water to go down, the water was gone. What she thought was super weird, and what made me disbelieve her story initially was she claimed the tub was bone dry. In less than what I assume was 2 min max.

  12. e_v_e says:

    My theory about why UAP footage is met by yawns is that if the government is suddenly revealing footage that’s several years old, that’s already been viewed and discussed on the internet, it’s a distraction from something we should *really* be focusing on.

    But I’m a cynical old lady whose political coming of age was the Nixon Watergate years….

  13. hayzeleyes12 says:

    Maybe muddying the waters here with all this? Agnostics simply are admitting they don’t know and atheists deny the existence of any intelligent supreme beings. You could argue an atheist who believes aliens may exist is contradictory.

    But belief in the supernatural or anything beyond our ‘Natural’ world doesn’t inherently mean everything in the world of possibilities exist the same way we wouldn’t assume a Camel/Whale exists because both Camels and Whales are a reality.

    People too often get stuck in these frameworks. Science as a framework for determining reality is only able to be applied to the natural, observable world. So of course we would only accept from a natural, scientific perspective that the supernatural exists if we could reliably observe those interactions, at which point it becomes part of the natural world. The same way a map expands as we discover new lands, the supernatural today could be tomorrow’s accepted and natural norm but we do a disservice to the supernatural by not considering it to be like any other frontier of human discovery.

  14. BFairfax123 says:

    In order to accept that paranormal phenomena exists you also would need to accept that miracles exist in religions Angles, Devils’ Etc. even the idea of God or Gods themselves . So you couldn’t really be an atheist or even an agnostic and believe in the paranormal without being a hypocrite . Since without definitive proof of any of these phenomena are simply based on unverifiable stories that garner belief
    by the individual or group who believe or see a purpose within the story . Makes for easy to do content though because who can really prove you right or wrong if you maintain a neutral position .

  15. Pennywise1234 says:

    I’d love to see you talk to James Blackwood, hes a canadian who was one of the witnesses to one of the most well known alien encounters in North America. Now he takes care of dozens of wild raccoons. I know he talks about it sometimes, but hes up in Canada so it might be difficult to talk to him in person

  16. HerrDoktor says:

    Oh man I would love to see a Cast Castle style cartoon of this.
    Keep it up crew!

  17. vault_boy_89 says:

    good work

  18. slamminsammie says:

    Now this is what I’m talking about! Great Job Timcast Team!

  19. ajcurly says:

    Im ready. I have seen UFOs and saw a spirit/orb thing.

  20. Lord_Ecktor says:

    Ngl, this project is looking good… I would really favor more a mystery-focused podcast talk with baller people and a journalistic take on testimonials and hard-to-explain mysteries than a narrative format. Those times people just went nuts bringing up machine elf things with mr Malice and Alexy was incredible… I look forward to seeing more, I hope it picks up like hell, yall. Ramp up the chills, ambience, commentary, footage, testimonials. All the jazzo

  21. Killjoy644 says:

    This is fantastic and I’m so stoked to take this journey on my favorite world of timcast ..
    Any chance project looking glass or project blue beam will talked about??

  22. kewljewel says:

    Please listen to Tony Merkel from The Confessionals https://www.theconfessionalspodcast.com/

    Right along this line 🙂 I listen to it regularly!

  23. prcntm says:

    You know what? This is probably the best venue to place this. It’s long and a bit out there so just stop reading here if you don’t want to dive into my personal belief system:

    I am not religious. That is not to say I don’t believe; I simply to not adhere to any one specific religion. I do believe in a higher power. Several higher powers. I’ll even go so far as to say that some of those higher powers take an interest in our tiny existence here on this tiny planet in this tiny solar system in this tiny galaxy. It’s not really my point, though.

    This is: Why do so many people believe in Heaven and Hell as absolute endpoints? Don’t get me wrong: I understand the drive to believe in an “End”, and that End through the lens of religion would have to promote well being and punish those who don’t behave the way they are meant to. But I don’t understand it.

    I was taught at a young age the Catholic faith. One of the primary observations was that God created humans in his image and placed us here to utilize our free will. This idea of humans as a facsimile of divine perfection plays out in many, many religions that I have encountered. Through this, the obvious conclusion to draw is: this universe was designed by God (or Gods) to house humanity in its current state. The problem with this is the size of the universe.

    The Observable Universe is almost 100 Billion Light-Years across. We are allowed to see so much of it through a trick of the light (literally) which explains why a universe that is only 13.8 billion years old could be so massive. A point of contention within the scientific community that studies astronomy is that the universe is actually expanding right now. This phenomenon only occurs in the voids between galaxies where local gravity isn’t strong enough to abate it. Still, there is constant expansion happening almost everywhere in the observable universe.

    This expansion presents a problem in terms of intergalactic exploration. Light travels through this universe at a constant speed. At our present level of technology, there is no way to go faster than the speed of light. It is a cosmic limit on how fast any one particle can travel (excusing quantum particles that don’t behave that well anyway). This limitation means somewhere out there, there is a hard limit as to how far humanity can get. That is to say, when you combine the constant of the speed of light with an ever expanding universe, eventually you will reach a distance where the expansion will elongate the universe so much that a photon traveling in a linear path will never reach its destination. Scientists in the field have estimated this limit to roughly 18 Billion Light-Years.

    Back to my point: If humans are the pinnacle of divine perfection, and this universe was created specifically to house humanity via God (or Gods), why then is there so much of this universe we are unable to reach? If we are the ultimate point, what purpose does anything we will never be able to touch actually serve?

    My response to this is a bit different than what the Catholic Church would have liked me to have. Their succinct answer was that we can never truly know God’s plan and as a result we cannot hope to understand why this universe is so big. Basically they politely told me to just trust in God. My counter was that when we die there is something more. Not Heaven. Not Hell. Just the next step. A gradual spiritual evolution, if you will, leading you to these untouchable portions of the universe, helping you gain a divine understanding in the process. Basically I was saying humanity isn’t the pinnacle of divine perfection and they didn’t like it.

    So allow me to state that while I can accept that Heaven and Hell, as described in religious texts, can exist, and may even exist within this very universe since the universe is theoretically infinite, I cannot accept that as soon as we die as humans, we automatically get to go there. There’s just too much of this universe that doesn’t make sense for humans in their current form.

    And finally, tying it into the podcast about paranormal activity:
    Given the way I believe the universe works, I would bet that many of the ghost and alien sightings are actually these higher powers checking in on us. Some for malevolent reasons. Some for benevolent reasons. Perhaps a great portion of them are humans who have moved up a step or two along the spiritual evolution path. And I haven’t given up on the idea that complex, technologically advanced life exists elsewhere in this universe, and that they occasionally stop by to see how we’re doing, again with a mix of intentions.

    Thank you to those of you who read the whole damn thing. For those who skipped to this paragraph to see my conclusions, the two paragraphs immediately above this one are all you really need.

  24. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Can’t wait to see more.

  25. Denney8TTFU says:

    What a phenomenal experiment/case study!
    Harvest a logical thinking audience, embrace them, befriend them, and finally challenge their collective “logic/critical” think with the paranormal. Love it! Find Muck!

  26. ScottyW says:

    So I guess this first one is about Shane… I mean that was my take away. I will try one more before I decide if I will tune into this facet of Timcast. I know that Shane believes or is open to believing paranormal stuff…

  27. JamoeCW says:

    ‘paranormal’ is just stuff people don’t understand. the phones in our pocket, or more appropriately the internet, has allowed us to collectively think. that means that have less paranormal, as paranormal is just stuff we don’t understand. take the cell phone tower story. that was the first thing i thought of as he was describing what he saw. simply dismissing things as fake is just as simple minded as assuming a cell phone tower was a UFO, which is why we can have headlines about UFOs today with seriousness. obviously such a story doesn’t fall down the silly paranormal rabbit hole, and that is why you don’t see such paranormal drama like you did in the past.

  28. TheDarkWall says:

    Both myself and my family have had really intense paranormal events happen to us as well. Of the spiritual, ufo and cryptid variety to be specific (but not too specific). I wonder how many Timcast fans among us have had creepy stuff like this happen.

  29. TheDarkWall says:

    I’ve always had a fascination with the paranormal of all kinds. I think most people get that fascination from the almost instinctual feeling that human beings cannot really comprehend the underlying truths within our universe. And yet that fascination is built in defiance of that as we attempt to understand it anyways. Couple that with the more grounded secrets we keep from each other and it’s just a fascinating genre to pursue and I’m ecstatic to see it on Timothy cast.

    I do think that while these heavily produced segments are excellent, it would be nice to have more long form paranormal talk as well as a video aspect mixed in. Also, BY FAR, one of the most fun aspects of any paranormal show is the viewer call in segments, or perhaps some prerecorded variant in your case. I realize you just put out your first vid and I’m like “Yo build an entire institution around this shit”, but I can’t help but see it that way because of the genuine potential that this episode oozes. Rooting for you guys as always. Bring honor to your family and all that good stuff.

  30. Brokenbuda says:

    NO TOONS FOR YOU!!!!!!

  31. Shawn_W says:

    15 years ago I saw a UFO. It was not something that I could have mistaken for a UFO. I was not taking drugs. And I’m not schizophrenic. A shiny object hovered above a treeline a few hundred yards from my house. When I walked into the field between me and the object, it moved to my right a couple hundred feet then stopped. At that point, I was able to make out it’s shape and color. It was a shiny black disk with hundred of flat surfaces that made it look like an elongated diamond. After another minute it began turning on its axis. It pointed what was the bottom of it when it was hovering toward the sky, and then shot straight up into space at a very fast speed. It didn’t accelerate to this speed. It was immediate. About a minute after it shot off, it faded from view and disappeared into space. That’s what I saw.

  32. Boomin says:

    Where are the cartoons or drawing with this? I thought there was going to be some kind of visuals