Emotions Run High Upon The Return Of Old Friend Seamus

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3 responses to “Emotions Run High Upon The Return Of Old Friend Seamus”

  1. DailyDeepDives says:

    Hey Carter, not sure if this will make it to your eyes, but it’s worth the shot. Jesus says that you should have no father before your Father in heaven. With that the Bible also talks about confessing your sins one to another. Therefore its safe to say that if you are feeling convicted of something, confess that to your Father in heaven and your fellow man. Don’t need a priest to intercede on our behalf, that’s what Jesus does/did for us. Love you man!

    P.S. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that it’s a sin to not go to church on Sunday. You good mate!

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    OK, where can I get cartoon Tim and Lydia stickers??

  3. austin330 says:

    I didn’t realize how tall Lydia is until now.