Demon Slayer And Jujutsu Kaisen Become NYT Best Sellers

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4 responses to “Demon Slayer And Jujutsu Kaisen Become NYT Best Sellers”

  1. hlam85 says:

    I would like Demon Slayer but the constant crying and whiny characters is really off putting.
    The older anime like “Slayers” are what I miss from these modern Anime.
    Better story and less whiny crying please. Otherwise all the new Anime give way better action which is awesome.
    Need more Anime with great stories like Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Slayers, Bubblegum Crisis, Hunter X Hunter, Guyver, etc.

  2. MrTreestan says:

    I fucking love ANIME!! The Rising of The Shield Hero has me smiling on my couch at 1 am when I am by myself. ANIME TITTIES FTW KATANAS FTW MRTREESTANCHAN!

  3. Destroynme says:

    Not really a fan of Demon Slayer, but anime in general has some great gems the likes of which is almost impossible to find in the west these days. Our culture has sadly stagnated and it’s pretty boring overall despite how overtly sexual and violent it is. We’re stuck in a weird purity/degeneracy spiral where nothing interesting can be made but also nothing beautiful can be presented. Everything has to be aesthetically ugly and mentally sterile.

    Manga and night novels are probably better in general as a lot of animes are made purely for financial reasons and are pretty soulless, but it’s still fun to turn your brain off and watch a Shonen every once in a while. The fact that I’m also not forced to watch propaganda is a huge plus. Also, some of the manga artists are insanely talented. I wish I could get posters of some pages.

    The only thing I worry about is that Western influence will infect Manga/anime. Lots of the western communities on sites like Reddit are complete garbage now. Lots of woke ideology always infects and destroys communities they were never part of. I just hope smaller sites keep their culture and keep out these mentally ill creeps who always shove their ideology and fetishes into every community they invade.

  4. demfraz says:

    Hell yeah, manga/anime are becoming more popular in the US.

    This is great! I love it!