Democrats Have A SLIM Majority, They're Making EVERYTHING Go Wrong & Republicans Need To Fight Back

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia join former Green Beret officer and candidate for Washington’s 3rd district Joe Kent to discuss the state of the balance of the parties in the current American government.

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Guest: Joe Kent
@JoeKent16Jan19 (Twitter)

Guest: Joe Kent, congressional candidate WA-3

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2 responses to “Democrats Have A SLIM Majority, They’re Making EVERYTHING Go Wrong & Republicans Need To Fight Back”

  1. Geo85 says:

    crash55 i beg to differ what is needed is more people willing to shatter the narrative and inject facts into the shitehole if people like us cant use youtube its over then herd have to know the wolf will eat them

  2. crash55 says:

    The people who continue to to log into u-tube, or watch ABC, or go to, or watch, a Disney /program/park, etc… They are the reason that progressive’s are powerful. If enough normal people would simply say “enough!” and cancel these mental defectives, life would be better.