Democrats FURIOUS Over Texas Heart Beat Bill But They Are NOT Pro Choice Vaccine Mandates Prove It

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2 responses to “Democrats FURIOUS Over Texas Heart Beat Bill But They Are NOT Pro Choice Vaccine Mandates Prove It”

  1. HumanLivesMatter says:

    Not having a choice or not having to live with your choice? So women in the US don’t know that a certain activity can result in pregnancy and never heard about the pill or condom, or if the top guy all women want has to wait for a second, to get a Binnie for mister red helmet, he’ll go to the next – because he has such a good character.Or maybe there is a machiavellian program that forces women to unclothe and open legs if a man is 6 ft tall, earns 6 figure income, and she’s always happy in his presence when he shoots her heroin. If all reproductive rights belong to women only, then men have no reproductive rights and could be forced to be a father- because that already happened under the Nazis, when unmarried men had to pay a single tax, a pregnant woman could save such a marrying him, after she was forced to visit the Lebensborn fertility station, where the as racial superior deemed men had to comply into a live inseminating session, which leads to an unusually high percentage of birth defects, as the olfactory capabilities to choose wasn’t taken into consideration (as the sense also isn’t taken in consideration by dividing sex from reproduction and men as paying accessories. Though with the idea to have male-prostitute advertising apps (called dating apps, 95% of men are there as a contrast like a mediocre-looking woman goes out with ugly girlfriends), disappointed clients that wonder why the prostitute (here male) didn’t settle with a loyal client (inverse sexes, a male client hoping to get married by the top prostitute, because he was a loyal customer is called idiot) that women choose as soon as fertility drops to stay pregnant as a single mother. And contrary to common belief- in history single mother-raised men became very successful, for example, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, or Idi Amin (well, if success is the criteria…).Japan had decades ago as only contraception abortion, resulting 20 years later a massive suicide use in women. But, forced pregnancy, will due to human nature- end in a situation, when rape and 6 weeks capture is the only way for male reproductive rights, which happened in the former Yugoslavia war, mainly to Muslim women, which -if religious- had the choice of honorable suicide or execution in an Islamist background. Here in France, as in Islamist neighbourhoods, women are obliged to be ready whenever someone wants, but then he can marry her as an addition if he has already 4 wives I see often that the ma uses three times talk (repeating the word three times is considered as rightful divorce), and this population is the most growing one. (women trying to contact french justice will see, that laws for abusive men are not applied, if there is a risk that the accused will become abusive, out of fear – if they don’t get an honor killing, for political reasons covered up.BUt also in the Muslim population, not abusive men are much more valued (still much less than “the bad boy”, but 1% is more than 0%). If a guy gets a girl pregnant and insists on an abortion, I see him as a coward. He should have known that sex can get girls pregnant. If a woman gets. pregnant before seeing the better catch, she can choose abortion, because she didn’t know? Isn’t that myogenic? Isn’t the simple solution for a complex problem always a desaster?

  2. garyha says:

    So heated with Ian on YT over rights … Tim had to shed a layer 🙂
    Neutral corners gentlemen while the janitors mop up