Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over "Freedom Phone"

[youtube-feed-single]Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over “Freedom Phone”

Democrats in the white house are not confirmed to be flagging content and working with big tech to censor Americans in violations of the first amendment.

While conservatives have long made the argument, democrats and establishment media claim its not true. Now they revel in it

But one man Erik Finman has a solution, the freedom phone.

Almost instantly a smear campaign emerged which tries to make the phone seem bad but without actually arguing anything of substance.


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11 responses to “Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over “Freedom Phone””

  1. D34DB33F says:

    If Twitter is panicking about this “Freedom Phone” gimmick, they’ll implode once they learn about the Librem 5. Buy that one instead. Actually, go and purchase the Librem 14 as well, and install Qubes on it and use the Tor proxy.

    Note: The Librem 5 USA has parts sourced from the United States, as that matters if you want a guarantee that hardware hasn’t be tampered with. But either phone works with US carriers from what I know.

  2. Milquetoast says:

    Hi, Tim and friends. Thank you for your hard work.

  3. D34DB33F says:

    We gave them the opportunity.

  4. giacomo says:

    When did the Biden administration decide to go full evil villain? I missed something

  5. neilinda says:

    Does anyone know why it says my first comment is waiting for moderation but my other comments posted immediately?

  6. neilinda says:

    Wondering if anyone has looked into “Freedom Phone”?

  7. neilinda says:

    But, based on all the info about undercover informants, you might not be able to trust anyone…

  8. Tigranes says:

    Yup, We will not be alone.

  9. BeePrepared says:

    I’ll see you all at the camp

  10. Tigranes says:

    The spooks can turn on your phone microphone and listen in without you knowing about it. Not sure if Freedom Phone supports this “Feature.”

  11. Wolv256 says:

    Circle back to Hell, you duplicitous harpy wench!!!