Democrat Gets ROASTED Over OBVIOUS LIES About Gun Control, Owning Guns Is MORE Important Than Voting

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One response to “Democrat Gets ROASTED Over OBVIOUS LIES About Gun Control, Owning Guns Is MORE Important Than Voting”

  1. VernonRedmon says:

    What do you expect to happen when you allow selfish and emotional ignorance takes power over other ignorant selfish and emotionally driven individuals. The idea of owning a gun is a right own or not own a firearm is your choice, and this choice should not be used to separate the citizens of this country. With all that is going on today, I maybe wrong I may be right, but it feels like all the things done to better this land by the ending of slavery and the right to vote for women and countless other things we should be proud of are being used to reinstall these things. My thoughts are just that thoughts, but tie the hands of the people, turn those hands tied against each other, while your kids become the test subjects, and if you turn you attention toward the children they attack your rights agian, turn back to your rights and they choose your children to influence their agendas. But let me be real here they are not stopping with any additional agenda, the media is pulling your attention in directions to attempt to keep your mind spinning, the media is doing the dirt that the left the socialist the democrats, tell them to. The idea that the United States will turn into a socialist nation cause a emotional response within millions including myself, emotions of fear, sadness, anger, confusion. This is what they want, to have us unclear in thought and driven by emotional roller-coasters to judge our thoughts, when they do not want you to sit back relax, clear your mind, make your judgment calls emotionless, for laws and rights are not granted for the protection of your feelings, but the protection of the American way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Within your own pursuit and within your own life you should respect that I do not see your happiness as my own, and that is okay. You should all be happy within your own lives and not allow the judgment of the miserable to bring your spirit down, your happiness down, and bring down your drive to pursue happiness on your personal levels, as well as you should never place you earthly wants onto someone else life in order to create your own happiness, but they choose to with out manipulation that threatens their own pursuit within this world. Still I see people who believe their own lives supercede all others. And this is the root of the evolution of the socialist movement.