CNN Says Democrats WAKE UP, Americans Hate Them, Cenk Uygur EXPLODES In Denial Over LOSING

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4 responses to “CNN Says Democrats WAKE UP, Americans Hate Them, Cenk Uygur EXPLODES In Denial Over LOSING”

  1. ellie says:

    Tim: “If you dedicate 10 years of your life in pursuit of some idea that later turns out to be wrong, you wasted those 10 years. People can’t let that happen, their life would crumble all around them”.

    You mean like climate change scientists? You know the science of the earth’s climate, where scientists have been doomsayers for at least a century. Tim, you made this statement and still you believe the crap coming out of the climate change crowd. You believe in windshield phenomena. You believe in all that crap. These “scientists” HAVE to keep doomsaying. If they don’t, they lose their entire life’s work, their reputation and their grant money. Once you understand this, you understand the lie and you understand the benefit of politicizing it for politicians and elites.

    Climate “science” is a political lie. In the 1970s, there was a huge consensus of scientists who believed and sounded the alarm that we would be in an ice age by the 1980s (this is only one small example). Much like today, when there is a 97% consensus of scientists who believe the “warming” of the earth is going to kills us all. It only takes a small amount of research to realize, the earth goes through cooling and warming cycles (since they have been measuring) about every 40 years. This makes perfect sense when you consider nature in general. Then you factor in that in the late 70s, scientists didn’t like the original measurement tool, so they changed it and made “adjustments” and voila, you have global warming.

    The arrogance of people just amazes me, the stupidity of the general public astounds me. The arrogance of politicians and billionaires who actually believe they can change the earth. The fact that you, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and others believe the “science” is out right fact, even though those who make these claims, reputation’s and money are on the line, just blows my mind. Like your friend’s dad said, science isn’t fact, it’s all theory. Which is why they are wrong so much of the time.

    Am I a climate change denier? Nope. I believe the earth does what needs to be done for its survival. Do I believe it is warming? Yep. Do I believe it will cool? Yep. The earth is just like our regulatory system, it adjusts. Nature. Who knew? Windshield phenomena, could it be people weren’t driving as much during the last two years because of covid lockdowns and fear? Yep, but hey climate change.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but, damn, use your brain. I know you have one.

  2. Sketch_EM says:

    As a trucker, 90% of us know how shit needs to run , he will do just fine by being the voice of the people, as he said.

  3. Wolv256 says:

    Hey Cenk, go blow a horse, you fat Commie turd! We know that’s what you like to do.

  4. SeanAdams says:

    Obama came out of left field; they have someone in the wings, I’m sure- someone who everyone will love- kinda like a ‘second coming’, lol. Maybe there will be Blue Beam aliens telling us to vote for this messiah. Nothing is shocking, anymore. Alex Jones will be right again!