CNN Just TRIPLED DOWN Saying Joe Rogan Ate Horse Paste In Official Statement Released To WaPo

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4 responses to “CNN Just TRIPLED DOWN Saying Joe Rogan Ate Horse Paste In Official Statement Released To WaPo”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    I would upgrade my subscription if you had a show consisting entirely of Mark Dice doing impressions of Brian Stelter.

  2. CalDelt says:

    The show has lots of Joe Rogan references, including calling him a flat earther. Strange since his very vocally not, calling flat earthers dipshits. A producer must have a hard on for Joe.

  3. UppityG says:

    CNN is run by a cult leader. Zucker is so focused on damaging Trump, he’s twisted what used to be a fairly straightforward news room into his own character assassination camp. I remember when Don Lemon he first arrived at CNN, he was still idealistic and had some hunger for truth. Same with Jake Tapper and several others. Each one, before all our eyes, slowly became pod people. Just look at their dead eyes. And when old media started having anchors and reporters interview each other instead of experts in the field of whatever. The slow spiral into oblivion continues apace.

    The only time I think about Stelter is when Mark Dice dubs his voice on one of his uploads. 🤣💀

  4. CalDelt says:

    Inside Job describes current media perfectly when they go back to the 80s and talk to reporters. “Where I’m from the news is inflammatory opinions that even the reporters don’t believe.” Then they describe something similar to my favorite, Whites who date white people are racist. Whites who date POC are fetishizing them.

    Show is watchable if you get the references.