CIA Advisor Says Civil War Is Closer Than Ever Before

Tim, Luke, and Lydia join the guys from Fresh & Fit Podcast, Myron & Walter, to break down the Washington Post’s dire warnings …

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One response to “CIA Advisor Says Civil War Is Closer Than Ever Before”

  1. JazzRocknRoll says:

    How can a CIA analyst be oblivious to the fact that left-wing politicians encouraged Antifa, allowing them to take and hold territory, committing crimes against the populace all the while Trump was in office?

    I believe she’s dazzled with ignorance because she is a product of our educational institutions promoting groupthink hate against many Americans. If Trump disappeared today, the civil war would continue.

    With a national debt of $29 trillion and counting, it’s safe to assume that our so-called elites aren’t that bright. Joe, the plumber, could do better.