China Is On America's Southern Border, The Cartel Is Infiltrated And Infiltrating

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join investigative reporters Jorge Ventura and Sagnik Basu of the Daily Caller to weigh in on the Chinese cartel’s role on America’s southern …

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2 responses to “China Is On America's Southern Border, The Cartel Is Infiltrated And Infiltrating”

  1. Wolv256 says:

    China is a bunch of fartfaces

  2. Merdrah says:

    My parents recently moved out of the Sacramento area. They lived there for about a decade. When they first moved in they learned that the Chinese were competing with the Cartels over weed sales. Both were running the weed farms hidden in the wilderness of the state. Though the Chinese farms were mostly in the northern half of the state.

    Both would use people trying to cross the southern border. The difference is that the Cartels would drop off supplies to the farms regularly. The Chinese would not.

    According to CHP officers talking off record, the farm workers from the Chinese locations would send one person to town on foot once they ran out of food. That person would rent a small moving truck, go back to the farm and together they would take the entire crop and drive it down to Mexico.

    If they made it than a Cartel would hook them up or simply pay them for stealing the competitors crop. If CHP caught them (usually along I-5) the workers would admit everything and let themselves be deported. They had nothing to lose by getting caught and would get food out of it.