Castle Crew's INSANE Basketball Trick Shots

Jacked up on caffeine, the Cast Castle has another exciting day. Brett tests his luck at a new made up sport, Skatesketball, Britne begins to prep for upcoming …

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3 responses to “Castle Crew's INSANE Basketball Trick Shots”

  1. why do you say ad free but im getting ads constantly

  2. ToxicOptimist says:

    Haha, that intro animation was great! This was a lot of fun, thanks… and I no longer have to ponder the effects of mentioning “open index protocol meetings” in casual conversation.

  3. blackamberm says:

    I would really love to have backstories of how the reoccurring characters found themselves at “The Castle!” There are people on here that we can tell we’re acquainted to the OG timcast/ irl people and some that are not! However, everyone seem like they have interesting back stories. Obviously I am not expecting to get into personal or intimate details, I’m just interested about how these people found themselves with Tim!