Castle Crew Caught On Fire While Working

Another day at the Castle, another delicious meal made: Ian reviews his quinoa & lentil soup while Andreas grills octopus. Ben’s van gets delivered and …

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6 responses to “Castle Crew Caught On Fire While Working”

  1. Lordgoldeneyes says:

    Andreas, why you so hard on that grill, just slamming it open and closed. Take care off your equipment so it can take care of you.

  2. Scafflaww says:


  3. UppityG says:

    The opening animation is so good, lately, it’s the only part of the vlog that’s worth my time. Whoever is the artist, give ’em a raise Pool, they do a great job. Kind of reminiscent of Ren & Stimpy by John Kricfalusi.

  4. UsedTomato says:

    Can’t agree more, not to mention, the time spent mixing the cement affects the physical properties of it, meaning you can get cement that dries faster, is stronger, etc, depending on how long it’s mixed for. It has enough effect that engineers have to calculate it into their projects

  5. wisdom says:

    For real though, Harbor Freight, $150 or so, get yourself a cement mixer. Mixing all that by hand is absurd.

  6. wisdom says:

    Bro at the 2:30 mark you GOTTA wear a mask for that haha… no mandate

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