Cast Castle FPS Cicada Hunting

[youtube-feed-single]Tim Pool and the castle crew hunt down cicadas to provide for Chicken City

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5 responses to “Cast Castle FPS Cicada Hunting”

  1. Dr.ZobonZogon100011 says:

    Work smarter not harder. What a life hack

  2. Fxs888 says:

    Roller blades on the treadmill? Cabin fever or are you afraid of running into someone dull?

  3. Vercuric says:

    That rifle next to the treadmill right at the start, beautiful! Not army myself but I listen to military running cadences sometimes when on the treadmill. Now I’m curious what it’s like to workout holding one of those at the same time.

  4. Nichole says:

    If you want some good smoked food don’t eat what he calls smoked. That isn’t smoked that is grilled. Smoke comes from the box to the left the flame never touches the meat only the smoke. Want some real smoked meat let me know I’m great. That is a good smoker and am saddened watching this. Smoking happens between 300-350 and you use smoking wood not charcoal.🤦

  5. Tazmonster says: