Biden's Ratings Are TRASH But Liberals Don't Care, They're Going BACK To Sleep Now

[youtube-feed-single]Tim, Ian, and Lydia join author, commentator, and editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial Libby Emmons to analyze Joe Biden’s abysmal ratings.

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Guest: Libby Emmons
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2 responses to “Biden’s Ratings Are TRASH But Liberals Don’t Care, They’re Going BACK To Sleep Now”

  1. dwade1990 says:

    They are wrong about taxes. The progressive tax system unjustifiably punishes success, not to mention is unconstitutinal. The constituting requires that all taxes be uniform. Raising raxes on the rich decreases revenue because the rich start hiding their money from taxes. It also drives unemployment by incintivizing companies to outsource labor.

  2. Weckstein says:

    She has a lot of good points and is a great counter view to Tim.
    I think I agree that we need law enforcement to protect the vulnerable if they cannot protect themselves.
    The issue now is everyone claims to be vulnerable when they want and hard when they want. Keep this conversation going.