Behind The Scenes With Alex Jones

Starting off the week right, the Cast Castle crew selects a new arcade game for the weekly tournament, defend the chickens from a vicious hawk attack, and hang …

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  1. TheInfamousScratch says:

    More Alex Jones! He’s the most entertaining dude alive, hands down, sorry Tim but you’re too reasonable to be as entertaining as the infamous Alex Jones. I do listen to Tim more though…but Alex is not afraid to say anything no matter how insane it is and it’s dope AF.

  2. Allison had a beautiful smile. She radiates kindness. How the hell did you do that Tim?! 🤭😆🤪 I’m joking. You’re brilliant and your beanie I glorious. Y’all are a nice pair… she def brings the sunshine with her lovely smile. Love what you’re creating and working to accomplish. I wish you and staff the best. If you need any work done remotely from Georgia, (God help me), I’m yer girl ! lol (because the comments section is OBVIOUSLY the choice spot to recruit employees. 🤣😂. No but seriously. Put me to work 😆😂

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