Attempting The SPICIEST WING Challenge

[youtube-feed-single]Andreas looked ghastly, but did he have what it takes to win?

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6 responses to “Attempting The SPICIEST WING Challenge”

  1. ChandlerT says:

    Cast castle and Luke both have a Cummins? Definitely cooler now. The future is advanced diesel tech!

  2. Mason says:


  3. BxIrish says:

    Love the cast castle videos

  4. CilantroParsley says:

    Spicy in, Spicy out 🤣

  5. BarbaraAlb30 says:

    You guys have funniest vlogs ever in a good way. love these so much.

  6. Angelt40 says:

    That was awesome you guys. keep up the great work!