Atlantic Article Predicts Coming Civil WAR, Worries That Trump Supporters Might WIN

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join journalist and author Matt Palumbo to break down an Atlantic article comparing modern America to ancient Rome and predicting a civil …

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  1. nukedaddy777 says:

    There most certainly is a moral issue. Abortion. If you have ever seen one, the crushed head of a baby, the use of their bodies for cruel medical experiments, you would understand how many find it morally repugnant. Historically it was considered the greatest evil in history by most civilizations.

    The written law, the 14th Amendment with life, liberty and property rights defined, citizenship requiring birth, and 18 US 241 and 242 make it clear that conspiracy against rights if death results is a death penalty case. And Hillary Clinton herself admitted that the babies in the womb were persons who ‘unfortunately did not have rights!’ That poor lawyer put her neck in a noose with that admission under existing law.

    Everyone knows unique human life begins at conception. And the woman’s right to choose not only her body, but her baby’s body, is similar to the concept of slavery where one person is owned by another.

    There is a moral issue – you cannot see it just as the people in the 1860s could not see it – but it is there and the blindness to it is not dissimilar to the blindness in generations past. Don’t imagine for a second you are immune to that sort of delusion – we all are subject to delusion – and that is the difficulty of being a human being in any age – to see past ones’ own generation.

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