'Don't Look Up' Netflix Film Mocks EVERYONE

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2 responses to “'Don't Look Up' Netflix Film Mocks EVERYONE”

  1. JamoeCW says:

    the president is Trump, Tim is dead wrong. Trump was a Democrat, and that was what that picture was trying to convey. her son being in government is a nod to being him, the SCOTUS appointment issue was a nod to being him, the tech billionaire was meant to be Elon Musk (and the perceived support of Elon for Trump is a nod to Trump). the ‘Lib’ is meant to show that ‘liberals’ are establishment shills, it is an ‘own’ of the moderate Leftists.

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    Amanda getting talked over so much in this segment explains half of her motivation for talking over everyone else in the Members-Only segment.
    Getting plastered explains the other half.

    On topic:
    He who cannot laugh at himself believes himself infallible.

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