Alec Baldwin Shot And Killed Woman On Set, People Call For Manslaughter Charges Over Incident

i couldnt find any source corroborating the claim near the end of Baldwin Watch The FULL Podcast Show – http://Youtube.com/TimcastIRL Become a Member …

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4 responses to “Alec Baldwin Shot And Killed Woman On Set, People Call For Manslaughter Charges Over Incident”

  1. HerrDoktor says:

    “Misfire” is absolutely the wrong term to be using here. The gun fired properly. If it was a misfire nothing would have happened.

  2. HerrDoktor says:

    I like how Twitheads heard “responsibility” and assumed you meant “government gun control.”
    It reveals that those people are under the impression that humans are incapable of responsibility without government force.

  3. FreeFolk says:

    Will Mary Carmack-Altwies hold anyone accountable? https://www.nmdas.com/judicial-districts/first-judicial-district/

  4. UppityG says:

    You are the gun control.

    Fully agree with you Pool — it is Baldwin’s fault. Negligent homicide, minimum. As those of us who were raised on weapons and have handled them our whole lives, and in your case, as someone new to taking full advantage of your 2A right and who has taken the steps necessary to become a responsible and sound handler of firearms, you always, without exception, check any firearm put into your hands without delay.

    I’d share some links but even just one throws comments into moderation so you’ll just have to do your own Startpage or DuckDuckGo search (do NOT use google).

    Clips, or stripper clips, are used to quickly load ammo directly into a suitable firearm, usually a rifle, or to quickly fill a magazine or a cylinder. Clips usually line up rounds in a single file (vs an en bloc clip).

    The word “magazine” pre-dates firearm invention (the Chinese fire lance doesn’t count). It originally referred to a storehouse. The cylinder of a revolver is also a magazine. But to spare confusion, magazine is used by the modern firearm community in reference to semi-autos.

    Baldwin’s generally bad attitude, his selective xenophobia of his fellow countrymen, his evident disregard for treating guns with the respect they demand, and undue reliance on others to cover for him, all add up to a savage costumed to appear civilized.

    May the friends and loved ones of the wrongfully killed young woman find peace when it will serve them the best.

    And, may they sue into actual dissolution Baldwin and the movie company, such that they are left with nothing but a drinking problem.