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FCC Chair to Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules
France Stops the Sale of the iPhone 12 Over Radiation Absorption Concerns
Generative AI Poses National Security Threat, Researchers Warn
Chinese Military Develops High-Energy Laser That Can Operate Infinitely
Child Influencers in Illinois Granted New Compensation Protections
After Twitter Rebrands to 'X' TikTok Changes Platform To Become A Direct Competitor
Ford to Cut At Least 1,000 Jobs to Offset Cost of Shifting to Electric Vehicles
'Black Mirror' Creator Asked Chat GPT To Write An Episode, Says Result Had No ‘Original Thought’
Lawyer Uses ChatGPT For Legal Filing, Unknowingly Cites Fake Legal Precedents Provided By App
NSA Warns China Is Hacking U.S. Critical Infrastructure
TikTok Sues Montana in Response to Ban
Schools in Four West Virginia Counties Will Install Facial Recognition Software
AI Could Fuel Persecution of Christians, Group Warns
UK Fines TikTok $15.9 Million for Misuse of Children's Data
1,100+ Tech Leaders Sign Open Letter To 'Immediately Pause' AI Systems
Biden Signs Executive Order Banning Federal Agencies From Using Commercial Spyware
TikTok CEO Testifies Company is Working to Move All U.S. Data Under 'The Protection of U.S. Law'
FDA says a Second Lab-Grown Chicken Product Can Be Consumed by Humans
TikTok CEO Says Ban Would Hurt 5 Million American Businesses
Belgium Bans TikTok from Government Devices Over Cybersecurity Concerns
Silicon Valley Bank Placed Under U.S. Government Control Following Collapse
Senator Mark Warner Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Ban TikTok