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Alec Baldwin Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Halyna Hutchins' Family
BREAKING: Donald Trump Files $475 Million Lawsuit Against CNN for Defamation
Miley Cyrus Sued By Paparazzi for Posting Photo of Herself on Social Media
Monkees Singer is Suing the FBI to Obtain Records Kept on the Band
Meta to Pay $37.5 Million Settlement Over Facebook Tracking User Locations Without Permission
Prosecutor Suspended for Refusing to Enforce Laws on Sex Changes for Minors or Abortions Sues DeSantis
Rite Aid Settles Lawsuit Over Its Role In West Virginia's Opioid Crisis
CEO Testifies At Antitrust Hearing Despite Protests From DOJ Lawyers
Twitter Files Lawsuit Against Elon Musk
Wisconsin School Policy of Not Informing Parents if Their Child Says They Are Trans Can Remain in Place During Legal Battle, Court Rules
Loudoun Schools Sued for 'Moral Corruption of Children … Deliberate, Almost Gleeful, Violations of Parental Rights'
Seattle Black Lives Matter Protester Sues City, State, and Alleged Driver After Being Run Over While Blocking Traffic
Synagogue Files Lawsuit Against DeSantis Over Florida's 15-Week Abortion Ban, Claims It Violates Jewish Law
Google to Pay $118 Million Settlement in Lawsuit Alleging They Paid Women Less Than Men
Three Pennsylvania Mothers File Lawsuit Against School District Claiming First Grade Teacher Gave Lessons on 'Gender Dysphoria,' and 'Gender Transitioning'
Parents of 'Trans Kids' in Texas Sue to Block State Investigations for Child Abuse
Family Sues Meta, Claims Instagram is Responsible for Suicidal Teen's Eating Disorder and Self-Harm
Twitter Investor Sues Elon Musk As Jack Dorsey Leaves Board
Judy Garland’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dress Pulled from Auction Following Lawsuit Over Ownership
RNC Moves to Block McCormick Lawsuit to Force Count of Undated Absentee Ballots in Pennsylvania's Senate Primary
Lawsuit Filed Against California School District for Engaging in 'Isolation and Discrimination' Against Student Who Wore Mesh Face Mask
Musk Wins Multibillion Dollar Lawsuit Related To SolarCity