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Federal Judge Blocks Portion of Alabama Ban on Gender Transition for Minors
South Carolina's 'Save Women's Sports' Act Sent to Governor's Desk
Ban on Gender Transition Therapies for Youth Takes Effect In Alabama
Florida Mother Suing School That Secretly Discussed Gender Transition With Her Middle Schooler
Oregon Implements 'Menstrual Dignity Act' in Public Schools with Focus on 'Gender Inclusivity'
Missouri House Moves Forward With 'Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act' to Prohibit Gender Transitions for Minors
Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Non-Binary Gender Markers
Canadian University Offers Tenured Position for Select Gender Minorities Only
Two Prisoners In New Jersey's All-Female Prison Pregnant By Transgender Inmate
Missouri Proposes Legislation to Prohibit Gender Transitions for Minors
Maryland Department of Education Will Require Pre-K Students to Learn about Gender Identity and Expression
Boston Charter School Teacher Discusses His Transgender Identity with Kindergarten Students
Alabama Passes Legislation Targeting Gender-Related Medical Procedures, Treatment for Minors
Alaska Airlines Unveils Gender-Neutral Uniforms And Pronoun Pins
Palm Springs Testing Guaranteed Income Program for Transgender and Non-Binary Residents
LGBTQ Think Tank Estimates Roughly 17,000 Americans Will Request 'X' Gender Option on Their Passports Annually
Biden Administration Endorses Transgender Youth Reassignment Surgeries and Therapies
Trans Athlete Barred From Women's Cycling Event
Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Parental Rights in Education
California Elementary School That Housed Girls With Non-Binary Camp Counselors Ignites Outrage Among Parents
Transgender Athlete Ban Signed Into Law By South Dakota Governor
Women-Only Gym Areas Violate Discrimination Law, According To Connecticut Supreme Court Ruling