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Near 70% of LA Teachers Considering Leaving Profession
Wisconsin School Board Passes Curriculum That Refers to Girls as a ‘Person With A Vulva’
White Instructors to Be Fired First Under Minneapolis Teachers Union Agreement
Public School Enrollment Plummets As Parents Embrace School Choice
Alaska AG’s Office Clarifies Public Funds Can be Used for Private School Classes, Not Tuition
OPINION: Preferred Pronouns and More — What I Saw at the NEA Teachers Union Convention
California School District Will Consider Opening Planned Parenthood Clinic on High School Campus
D.C. Public Schools See 52% Spike in Teacher Resignations
Arizona Becomes First State to Enact Universal School Choice
Wisconsin School Policy of Not Informing Parents if Their Child Says They Are Trans Can Remain in Place During Legal Battle, Court Rules
New Hampshire School District Says in Court Filing That They Have 'No Duty' to Inform Parents About Transgender Behavior
New Report: 70% of Ten-Year-Olds Can't Read Following Lockdowns
Supreme Court Rules Maine Cannot Exclude Religious School from Tuition Program
Ohio Gov. DeWine Signs Bill to Allow Armed Teachers
Baltimore Public Schools Implicated In Grade-Fixing Scheme
Three Pennsylvania Mothers File Lawsuit Against School District Claiming First Grade Teacher Gave Lessons on 'Gender Dysphoria,' and 'Gender Transitioning'
New Jersey Lawmakers Introduce ESA, School Choice Bill to Circumvent Mandates
Rapper Pitbull Launches Tuition-Free Charter School in Arizona
North Carolina Preschool Teacher Resigns After Backlash For Using Flash Cards Featuring Pregnant Man to Teach Kids About Colors
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Request Meeting with Biden Over Student Debt
Republican Congressional Candidate Wins Court Battle to Have Graphic Sexual Books Removed From Virginia Beach Public Schools
Rhode Island School District Cancels Honor Classes Citing 'Equity' and 'Inclusion,' Parents Outraged