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Bibles Banned from Classrooms in Utah School District
Pornhub Blocks Utah in Response to Age Verification Law
Department of Justice Sues Tennessee Over Law Banning 'Critical, Medically Necessary Care for Transgender Youth'
Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Signs Multiple 'Culture of Life' Policies into Law
Arizona Supreme Court Rules LDS Church Does Not Need to Answer Questions or Turn Over Documents in Child Abuse Case
Vermont Legislature Votes to Raise Marriage Age to 18
Idaho Governor Signs Bill Restricting Medical Intervention for Minors Who Express Gender Identity Issues
UK Fines TikTok $15.9 Million for Misuse of Children's Data
Arkansas Sues TikTok, Meta for Deceptively Targeting Minors
Minnesota House Advances Bill Prohibiting Out-Of-State Laws that Prevent Minors from Receiving Gender-Altering Treatment
Iowa Governor Signs Gender Bathroom Bill, Minor Sex Transition Restrictions into Law
Philadelphia to Pay Certain Pregnant Women $1K per month
Georgia Lawmakers Pass Restrictions on Hormone Therapies, Surgeries for Transgender-Identifying Minors
Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders Signs Law Creating Civil Penalties for Doctors Who Preform ‘Gender Transition Procedures’ on Minors
West Virginia Passes Revised Law Banning Marriage Before Age 16, Establishing Age Gap Limit
West Virginia Senate Committee Votes Against Banning 16- and 17-Years-Olds from Marrying
Underage TikTok Users Restricted to 60 Minutes of Daily Use
Kentucky House Committee Advances Bill Requiring Teaching Applicants to Disclose Past Misconduct Allegations
American Food Sanitation Company Fined for Employing More Than 100 Children for Hazardous Job
Canadian Pedophile Permitted to Live in Prison's Mother-and-Baby Unit Following Transgender Surgery
CDC Youth Survey Finds LGBQ Teens are Struggling Despite Increased Acceptance and Awareness Nationwide
CDC Announces Record High Rates of Sadness, Suicide Among Teen Girls