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Texas Passes Bill Allowing Authorities to Arrest Migrants Who Illegally Cross the U.S. Southern Border
Migrants Are So Fed Up With Chicago They're Returning To Venezuela
Senate Republicans Craft New Border Security Proposal
Five Democrat Mayors Ask Biden For $5 Billion To Address Migrant Surge
Texas House Votes to Allow Local Police to Arrest Migrants at Border, Return Them to Mexico
Feds Warn Hamas, Hezbollah Could Be Entering U.S. Through Southern Border
Chicago Police Say Using Stations As Migrant Shelters Is A 'Burden'
Mayor Eric Adams Travels To Mexico, Tells Residents New York City Has 'No More Room' For Migrants
Biden Administration Will Now Build Wall On Southern Border As Migrant Crisis Worsens
CBP Agent Addresses Border Patrol Authorities Cutting Concertina Wire to Allow Migrants Into the U.S.
Elon Musk Livestreams Visit to U.S.-Mexico Border on X
Elon Musk Says He Will Visit U.S.-Mexico Border in Texas This Week
Biden Admin Says 99.97% of Illegal Aliens Use Customs and Border Patrol App
Amid Migrant Surge in NYC, Residents Say More Work Permits Are the Solution
New York City to Spend $40,000 Per Illegal Alien
Growing Number of People On Terrorist Watchlist Crossing U.S. Southern Border
Final Numbers For August Expected To Show 230,000 Migrants Illegally Crossed Into the U.S., CBP Says
DeSantis Says He Would Use Deadly Force On Cartel Members At The Southern Border
Group of Migrants Being Tracked By FBI Over Smuggler's Ties to ISIS
Calls To Use Military Against Mexican Drug Cartels Sound Alarm Bells
82% Of New Yorkers Say Migrant Influx Is A 'Serious Problem'
Mexican Cartel Creates Elite Drone Unit To Bomb Rivals, Police