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YouTube Star With Progeria Syndrome Passes Away at 15

YouTube star Adalia Rose Williams passed away on Wednesday at 15-years-old.

Williams had Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes premature aging. It is also often referred to as “the Benjamin Button disease.”

The Texas teenager documented her life on her YouTube vlog, which has over 2.5 million subscribers. Along with the updates about her life and condition, Williams also posted comedic skits, dance videos, makeup tutorials, and other fun and uplifting content.

She was diagnosed with the condition when she was just three months old and started her YouTube channel as a young child in 2012.

A Facebook post by her family announced her passing on Thursday.

“Adalia Rose Williams was set free from this world. She came into it quietly and left quietly, but her life was far from it. She touched MILLIONS of people and left the biggest imprint in everyone that knew her. She is no longer in pain and is now dancing away to all the music she loves,” the post said. “I really wish this wasn’t our reality but unfortunately it is. We want to say thank you to everyone that loved and supported her. Thank you to all her doctors and nurses that worked for YEARS to keep her healthy. The family would now like to mourn this huge loss in private.”

The post had received nearly 900,000 reactions by Friday.

Three weeks prior to her death, Williams had lost her hearing. The loss was especially painful due to her great love of music.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “children with progeria generally appear normal at birth. During the first year, signs and symptoms, such as slow growth and hair loss, begin to appear.”

“Heart problems or strokes are the eventual cause of death in most children with progeria. The average life expectancy for a child with progeria is about 13 years. Some with the disease may die younger and others may live longer, even up to 20 years,” the clinic added.

There are an estimated 400 people living with progeria worldwide. The average life expectancy for someone with the condition is just 13-years-old.

There is no cure for the condition, but treatments have been showing progress in recent years.

Williams is survived by her parents and three siblings.

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