White Middle Schoolers Barred From Attending Drone Camp in Pennsylvania

The school told students they had to be African American to participate

A middle school in Pennsylvania hosted a drone camp but barred white students from attending.

The program was announced on Nov. 1 by Upper Merion Area Middle School as a chance for students to gain hands-on experience as well as the necessary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math instruction.

The free event was scheduled for Nov. 6 for 24 participants. Spots were filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“Here’s the thing, it is a black-student-union-sponsored event,” said the staff member making the announcement to students. “You must be black, African American, a person of color in order to participate.”

The King of Prussia middle school’s student body is 53% white, 17% Asian, 13% Hispanic, and 12% black, according to Great Schools.

Parents complained that the policy was discriminatory, excluding students based on their race.

In the comments on the school’s Facebook announcement, one parent wrote, “This is wrong on so many levels and not at all what I want for my children, and that’s why I’m homeschooling now and by the grace of God, my children will never step foot in another public school — they undo and undermine everything my husband and I teach them.”

In an email to National Review, Superintendent John Toleno said the drone camp was part of the school’s “ongoing efforts over the past 8 years to give opportunities to groups who are underrepresented in STEM fields” with specific preference given to “students of Color and students who identify as female.”

He added that a public educational agency gave his district a grant for the camp “that aligned with our DEI initiatives and a focus on African American students being the population we wanted to offer this opportunity to based on being underrepresented in STEM fields.”

Toleno did not confirm if the program was open to Hispanic, Asian, or Middle-Eastern students.

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5 responses to “White Middle Schoolers Barred From Attending Drone Camp in Pennsylvania”

  1. prcntm says:

    My mom does this on forms that ask her for her race. She ignores “White” and uses the “Other” option to write in “European American”.

    I also noticed that in general media, the stigma around saying “Black people” is fading. I remember this hard push to eliminate the term and replace it with “African American” when I was a kid, but I also noticed that there was no push to remove “White people” from common vernacular. Now the term “Black people” is working its way back into things like news pieces and general speech without so much as a thought given to it (unless you’re of a Conservative or Moderate mindset of course).

  2. Peashooter757 says:

    Agreed. I hope they sue for everything the school system has to make an example out of em.

  3. JMac says:

    Pretty easy lawsuit here. I should hope the parents file. This is real, actual systemic racism.

  4. Turk_Longwell says:

    “students who identify as female”. 🤔
    Everyone needs to stop using the term African Americans. Only a small minority of minorities have any real connection to Africa. Or maybe I should start saying I’m Slavic American because my geart grandparents came from Czechoslovakia.

  5. MNBullsEyeBen says:

    Ah yes, barring white students from participating in an event? A okay. Barring Black students from participating in events? Discrimination.