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West Virginia Sheriff's Daughter Arrested, Sheriff Ensures Equal Treatment Under The Law

'She Is An Adult, And Her Actions Will Be Subject To Adult Rules And She Will Pay Adult Consequences'

Berkeley County, West Virginia Sheriff Nathan Harmon responded to his daughter Carrie’s arrest regarding an alleged assault saying the investigation would be conducted without influence or interference.

Harmon has previously been accused of favoritism regarding a prior incident involving his daughter.

“I want to ensure the public that when it comes to committing criminal offenses, it DOESN’T MATER WHO YOU ARE,” Sheriff Harmon wrote Monday night. “My Deputies will do their jobs WITHOUT worrying of influences, WITHOUT interference, and WITHOUT politics.”

Sheriff Harmon detailed his daughter was reportedly involved in an assault after the victim came forward.

“The very first words out of my mouth was ‘I want ZERO outside influences in this investigation, leave the Deputies to do their jobs and get this treated like any other investigation,’” he continued. “I am very proud of the thorough work they did as I was informed today that a warrant was issued for her arrest and she subsequently turned herself into the Deputies this evening without incident.”

“As with all families, my wife and I can say we’ve tried to do our best to teach our kids the difference of right and wrong and after they turn of adult age you pray to God nearly every day that your kids abide and walk the straight and narrow path,” Sheriff Harmon continued. “Unfortunately as many parents can attest, it doesn’t always work out that way.”

Sheriff Harmon said his daughter “made her own choices” by surrounding herself with an influential group of friends.

“She is an adult, and her actions will be subject to adult rules and she will pay adult consequences,” he said. “I truly hope and pray she learns from this and comes full circle away from bad influences.”

“We also pray for the victim and her family as this is an extremely sad situation that the victim should not have endured.”

Earlier this year, Harmon was criticized for responding to a car crash involving his daughter on Cemetery Road in Martinsburg. Critics claimed the Sheriff influenced the investigation as Harmon reported his daughter was not distracted or impaired prior to the accident. Harmon’s daughter was not subjected to a field sobriety test as a fellow responding deputy did not suspect impairment, according to the Panhandle News Network.

“You can’t call another sheriff’s office because we all know each other and we all work a lot with each other. I can’t call the state police because my nephew works there and I used to be a trooper. I’m not dumping this on state police’s front porch. It’s not fair to them,” Harmon said when asked why another law enforcement agency was not called to investigate.

“In our opinion, Sheriff Harmon has been a fantastic Sheriff and continues to be an asset to Berkeley County,” wrote Jefferson County Perspective. “Our prayers are with him and his family during this difficult time.”

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