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WATCH: Trump and O’Reilly Get Booed After Telling Audience They Got Booster Shots

Former President Donald Trump and conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly were met with boos after revealing to a live audience that they were both fully vaccinated and had their booster shots.

The duo has been engaged in a “history tour,” speaking to crowds across the nation for the last two weeks.

Trump and O’Reilly revealed their triple vaccinated status during their final stop in Dallas on Sunday.

“Both the president and I are vaxxed,” O’Reilly said before turning to the former president and asking if he got the booster.

“Yes,” Trump replied.

“I got it too,” O’Reilly stated.

As some in the crowd began to boo, Trump smiled and waved his arms, urging them to stop, saying that it was just a “tiny group” doing it.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t,” Trump said. “That’s alright, it’s a very tiny group up there.”

During the tour, Trump had boasted about the vaccine being developed under his administration and touted its success.

“Look, we did something that was historic, we saved tens of millions of lives worldwide when we, together, all of us, we got a vaccine done,” Trump said, according to a report from Insider. “This was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now, take credit for it. It’s great, what we’ve done is historic. Don’t let them take it away.”

While Trump is vaccinated and has openly called for his supporters doing the same, he has also expressed disagreement with mandates.

“If you don’t want to take it, you shouldn’t be forced to take it, no mandates,” he said.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal in September that it was unlikely he would get a booster.

“I feel like I’m in good shape from that standpoint — I probably won’t,” Trump said. “I’ll look at stuff later on … I’m not against it, but it’s probably not for me.”

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6 responses to “WATCH: Trump and O’Reilly Get Booed After Telling Audience They Got Booster Shots”

  1. preyingmathis says:

    Vote…. Why. We are past that being an option. You can’t talk to these people much less reason with them. So what’s left?

  2. pandusa says:

    Why boo them?I don’t care if people vax themselves until they glow in the dark. I just don’t want anyone telling me what to do.
    Yes I am tired of being taxed for bullshit with: huge, layered/convoluted congressional bills that require a hand truck to transport,are impossible to read/understand for most people (maybe intentionally)and have a sneaky way of being bargained for “pet projects”(like gender studies in Pakistan).We should get our own house in order.That is why I am a volunteer for Convention of States.What other choice do we have?

  3. Patrick1984 says:

    Good, the Populace movement is not about Trump, now. Honestly, I don’t know what it is really about anymore. It isn’t about the Tyrant Gangster Traitors called government, and that’s enough for me, for now.

  4. WhaleHelloThere says:

    PEOPLE… DeSantis & Trump have the exact same vaccine position. “it’s a good idea to get it” but they don’t believe in mandates.

    Tim nailed it the other day. DeSantis will go full blown rino once he gets into the white house.

    oh n btw, it’s not as red as y’all think it is. I fled south florida for west florida in 2017 to get away from the burgeoning leftist communities taking over. The flood of Yankies & westerners started long before the Rona.

    Example – I live in a rural neighborhood surrounded by cow farms. The owners of these farms all have legal private ranges. Guess which new residents to the neighborhood are organizing to make them stop? the ones flooding in from new york.

    oh, we also have bail reform. A neighbor’s car got stolen last week by our UPS man. Turns out he’s a career criminal. He fled, totaled the vehicle, n was caught with narcotics n firearms. He was out of jail 24 hours later.

    the point? you can’t escape it. stay n fight if you can afford it.

    – a life long Floridian.

  5. Devilsgun says:

    Trump is losing the fucking program and O’Reilly has always been a greasy narcissist dickbag. No surprise that both of them are increasingly more and more clueless about the movement that they’ve been trying to co-opt…

    We’ve always deserved an even better choice than The Donald, in spite of the good he’s done he’s also fumbled way too much in order to appease the Leftfucks

  6. MontyLalado says:

    He will lose in 2024 if he keeps his position

    I would vote for DeSantis over Trump if he doesn’t come around